Secure file sharing

Ultra-secure file sharing

Secure file sharing

Your people can access all your organisation’s files, systems and applications, from wherever they want, so you get highly motivated and efficient teams.

All your data and apps are held in our ultra-secure, UK-based datacentres, eliminating common remote working vulnerabilities.

Modern work from ANS, offers:

  • Highly motivated teams
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Reduced pressure on your IT team
  • Ultra-secure remote access
  • End to end encryption
  • Improved business continuity

Secure File Sharing

Designed for organisations who need the highest level of security, our Secure File Sharing solution is built on our own Cloud storage platform and market-leading Citrix technology. Your confidential files and databases remain secure in the Cloud, yet available to verified users anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

End-to-end encryption

Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Even when sharing with third parties, files are attached as secure links and only available with verification.


Full control

Control access of specific individuals or groups, give users explicit permissions such as managing settings, access reports, manage clients.


Business continuity

Your business-critical data is safely stored and readily accessible in the Cloud. Files can be backed up from a single location, increasing the speed of data recovery.

Secure collaboration

File sharing between colleagues is done entirely within the platform, with 2FA as an option.

ANS Secure File Sharing

ANS Secure File Sharing combines ANS own cloud storage platform with market-leading Citrix technology to offer highly secure file hosting and synchronisation. Business files and databases are stored and accessed in the cloud, available to verified users anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Built solely for business use, ANS Secure File Sharing lets you take control of business-critical data with centralised platform management and encrypted file sharing between colleagues and clients. Combine with ANS Secure File Sharing for ultimate remote working collaboration.

ANS Secure File Sharing combines ANS’s own eCloud Vault platform with market-leading Citrix technology.

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Choose ANS Secure File Sharing for your business

Businesses are already using ANS Secure File Sharing to improve their business continuity, secure remote-working policies and tackle IT headaches.

Choose your ANS Secure File Sharing package today and take advantage of secure, hassle-free file hosting.

We stand for Ethical Innovation

We’re passionate about creating a more sustainable future, and we do everything we can as a business to reduce our carbon footprint. That’s why our offices, data centres and hosting solutions are all 100% carbon neutral.

To show our commitment to sustainability and diversity and our belief technology can play a role in addressing broader societal changes, we’ve signed up for the Microsoft Partner Pledge. Read more about it here.