Our top tips for working from home

During these unprecedented times, many companies have asked people to work from home to help protect their employees, their families and the most vulnerable in our society.

At ANS, we feel extremely lucky that we have the tools and software readily available to us which means we can work from home when needed and some of us are pretty well versed in working remotely. So, we out together our top tips for working from home to make sure you work effectively…

Develop a routine

Try ‘clocking in’ and ‘clocking out’. A normal working day in the office has commutes either side of it for everyone, but this isn’t the case when working from home and you risk merging together work and personal time, meaning you won’t get anything done but you won’t feel like you’ve switched off.

We recommend getting up at the same time you normally do, even if you read for a little while, go for a morning walk, watch TV or do some yoga, do it every morning before you start working to get your mind going for the day. Equally, do something each evening which marks the end of your working day, whether it’s shutting down all your apps or putting on a certain playlist, let your brain know it’s time to chill.

Plan, plan, plan

This links to the point about routine and the almighty ‘to-do’ list is key here. You might want to think about setting out dedicated chunks of time to different pieces of work. That way, you’ll keep to deadlines and always know where you’re at with any progress you’re making.

Plus with no commute, you could gain back hours of valuable time to do the tasks that really matter. That’s not to say you should be working longer hours for better productivity. Remember, it’s important to plan for scheduled breaks to give your brain some breathing space too.

Eat healthily

Working from home isn’t an excuse to eat everything in the cupboards. It can be really tempting to tuck into what you’ve got planned for tea, but you’ll find yourself hungry after lunchtime. Oh and try not to dip into the biscuit tin too much either.

Like to meal-plan every week? Keep at it. Used to going out to your favourite lunch spot each day? Do that too. Plenty of water and everything in moderation will help keep those extra pounds at bay.

Exercise where you can

Possibly the best piece of advice we can offer. Daily physical activity reduces stress and can help you sleep better. If that’s not going to help you be more productive, we don’t know what will!

A great advantage of working from home is that you can work out during your lunch hour, causing little disruption to your working day. And no we’re not talking about going to the gym to lift 120kg, simply walking, swimming, jogging or stretching can be beneficial for your mind as well as your body.

Keep in touch

Working in silence all day can take its toll on the mind. Some people like to work in complete silence, others find it good to talk. Microsoft Teams has transformed the way we communicate across ANS over the last few years and it’s certainly our favourite tool when it comes to working remotely.

Your manager and colleagues are only at the end of the phone, don’t hesitate to contact them if you need something, want to brainstorm, or just want to catch up. Your sanity will thank you.

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