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Industry Lead for Local & Regional Government

Craig Daniels

Craig has a strong background in helping local authorities move their data centres from on-premise to AWS. Building on that, he has a thorough understanding of what local authorities are looking to achieve with digital ambitions. Whether that’s helping local authorities better understand rent arrears, adult social care demographics or citizen profiles across regions.

His work with GMCA’s Early Years project enabled streamlined systems connect hundreds of Greater Manchester professionals such as health visitors and school health services with parents and carers, enabling them to work together to better support families. Council services touch every single person in the UK, working with local and regional governments, Craig gets to have a direct impact on changing people’s lives across the population.

Industry Lead for Housing & NPO

Lyndon Hughes

Lyndon is passionate about changing and improving people’s lives and communities through technology. Having worked closely with organisations in the housing sector for over 4 years, he has a deep understanding of customer challenges in the sector. His strong network of connections allows him to leverage a culture of knowledge and best practice sharing between organisations and then augment that with ANS as a trusted partner in the sector.

His partnerships include enabling one of the largest property management, development, regeneration and leisure companies in the UK, Places for People, on their journey to multi-cloud with AWS.

Industry Lead for Retail, Transport & Hospitality

Megan Corlett

In just 2 years at ANS, Megan has developed a passion for and strong understanding of the challenges and opportunities our customers are faced within her respective sectors, with their end users and customers at the forefront of everything we do. Customers we have supported on their roadmap to digital transformation include Costa Coffee.

Megan has helped organisations with everything from cloud enablement and modernisation to transform, compete and become more efficient through devops management, to building compliant modern data platforms to deliver personalised and improved experiences.

Industry Lead for Manufacturing & Resources

Simon Chilcott

In his 5 years at ANS, Simon has developed a detailed knowledge of the manufacturing and resources sectors. He has an appreciation for the direction of innovation in the sectors, including leveraging key data services to gain insights and better understand customers, investing in next generation security services and adopting cloud-ready digital connectivity for scalability.

His extensive sector knowledge has allowed for a number of successful projects including providing Greencore with a fast and agile cloud-ready network and enabling Nomad Foods to scale its business and streamline processes with cloud.

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