Enterprise Hosting

Enterprise Grade, Cloud Enabled

Whether your applications are cloud native or traditional, we have hosting options to suit every organisation.

Options to meet your needs.

Traditional or cloud enabled, hosting is a great option when you need to house critical applications but don’t want to own equipment or manage data centres. The range of service options, from basic hosting to IaaS provides you with flexible purchase options.

Delivered on dedicated, enterprise grade equipment we can deliver traditional hosting for your critical applications or cloud enabled, Openstack hosting to enable application development. With locations across the UK and flexible payment options, our hosting services are sure to meet your needs.

Enterprise grade, dedicated hardware
Two options; cloud enabled and traditional hosting
No equipment or datacentre ownership

our expertise speaks for itself

Our customers expect 100% uptime, fast operations and first class service management. And we deliver.


PCI-DSS, ISO27001 and ISO22301 compliant


Over 175 Technical experts across network and platform services.


98% Customer Satisfaction.

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