Hyperscale Public Cloud

Increase agility, deliver fast IT

Our platform agnostic, multi-cloud approach ensures the most appropriate and cost effective use of Hyperscale Public Cloud.

Prepare to innovate.

If you have a need for speed and are embracing modern operations such as DevOps and continuous operations, Public Cloud is the right platform for you. Services from Microsoft Azure and AWS, enable you to build cloud native applications delivering application elasticity to drive competitive advantage, whilst the OpEx financial model removes the need for capital investment.

Our Public Cloud services support your adoption of Hyperscalers such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. As a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner, we provide expert access, architecture and design to remove the risks associated with transitioning. Once utilising public cloud, our management and financial insights provide continuous efficiency and optimisation of the service keeping control of security, resources and cost.

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Right-size your Public Cloud platform
Reduce risk of application migration
Continuous operational and cost efficiency

Accelerate your adoption.

Start, our initial design and configuration service, reduces the risk of adopting Public Cloud. We deliver a Production Ready Platform designed to best practise architecture, security and governance. We ensure your platform is operationally aligned with your existing IT function whilst providing you with predictable and efficient costs.

You can expect:

Production Ready Platform

Designed and configured ‘workload ready’ platform.

Predictable & Efficient Costs

You won’t spend more than you need to.

Operationally Aligned

Public Cloud becomes a seamless extension of your IT capability.

Security & Governance

Our security and controls typically reduces Public Cloud risks.

Experience a smooth transition.

Our Migrate service approaches the migration of your applications with a proven, three phase formal process. We assess the applications, provide a clear Plan and Execute the move reducing the risk of moving coupled systems whilst providing you with a fixed price per application and cost savings of up to 40%.

You can expect:

Assessment • 4-8 weeks

Infrastructure assessment including capacity, performance and dependency requirements.

Planning • 2-4 weeks

Architecture Design including target architecture and costing.

Migration • 2-12 weeks

Application Migration 24x7x365 delivered non disruptively and up to 10x faster.

Improve the operational value.

Managed Cloud from ANS allows you to get the most out of your Public Cloud investment. Our UK advisory services and technical expertise alongside industry leading management and reporting tools will increase operational value and control costs throughout the lifetime of your service.

You can expect:

Expert Access

Support, design guidance and architecture validation from Cloud experts 24x7x365.

Technical Operations

Cloud native monitoring, task automation and event management delivers cloud efficiency and performance.

Financial Insight

Live billing insights, efficiency recommendations and budget management to reduce your bill.

Security & Governance

Governance and Configuration Management ensures operational consistency and control, reducing risk.

Cloud Check.  Zero cost, no obligation.

Our Check Service helps you answer some of the key questions users of Public Cloud often have including; how secure is my cloud environment, is the architecture in line with best practice and why is the cost more than I thought?

We can help you validate your security and architecture whilst significantly reducing your cost.

This zero cost service includes:

  • Key Summary

  • Security Recommendations

  • Architecture Recommendations

  • Efficiency Recommendations

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How can ANS help you migrate and manage your Public Cloud solutions?

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