Purple might be our colour, but deep down we’re green

Becoming an eco-friendly business is something at the top of any business’ agenda these days. With growing pressure from not only domestic but also global powers, organisations must find ways to reduce their waste, their carbon footprint and their energy usage. At ANS, we know how important it is to be green and we even have our very own Environmental Guru, Adrianna Bannon, Quality Auditor, who oversees all our efforts to help save the planet. She has been at the company less than a year but has already brought a new perspective on how we can be greener.

Sometimes this can be challenging, but it is important to us that we are supporting Manchester City Council’s pledge of a 41% reduction of CO2 levels by 2020, from 2005 levels. For the last 12 months we have been working with a green energy provider that supplies us with 100% green energy produced using biomass. Not only is our energy green, but Adrianna ensures that we take measures across the business to do our part, from monitoring our energy use, to promoting our Cycle to Work scheme, to recycling nearly all our waste, to name just a few.

Around the office is the first place we look to find ways to make our company eco-friendlier. The lights in our offices are reflective, making them partly energy efficient. One interesting fact from Adrianna is that devices that are left on standby use 85%(!!!) more energy than those that are completely switched off, so we encourage our employees to full turn off any devices when they are not in use. In fact, how much energy we use in the office is calculated to show how much we use per person. By doing this, we can easily track which areas are using more energy and look at ways to reduce usage.

Soon we are looking to expand our offices and it is vital to us that we make this space even more eco-friendly than our current offices. We’re considering some new features including, making everything wireless (therefore no need for data cables), having air-conditioning units that are controlled by our team to enable energy efficient delivery of heat and fitting PIR devices with automated on/off switches to minimise energy use. If all these measures are in place, we will be even greener than before!

Recycling – and recycling correctly – is something that we take seriously at ANS. Our employees are encouraged to recycle wherever they can so we have a huge number of recycling bins across the site that are divided into general waste, paper, cans, plastic and WEEE waste. Every bag of waste we produce is recorded and monitored so we know exactly what we are recycling. Another benefit of doing this is that we can see whether the measures we put in place are effective and make any changes if we need to. This way, we are always at the top of our recycling game.

For us, recycling our paper is not enough; we also have a no need to print policy which means that our employees should only print a document if they really, REALLY need it. Besides, everything we need is stored electronically so what’s the point in printing anyway?! We encourage video conferencing wherever possible and over the last 12 months, we have replaced our popular seminar events with webinars. This not only almost eliminates the need for paper, but it also reduces the amount of fuel emissions generated from both ANS employees and our customers and prospects.

Like any business, we want to reduce our carbon footprint in any way we can. As a company with almost 300 employees, we encourage as many as possible to join our Cycle to Work scheme in which members can buy a bike at a discounted price. To promote this even further we provide facilities on site such as a bike shed and showers to make cycling into work easier for everyone. In addition to the scheme already in place, we are looking to get ANS bicycles that employees are free to use during working hours, further reducing our carbon footprint.

And if that isn’t enough, we also keep 2 low-emission cars on site that are available for employees to use to go to meetings, to visit customers, to go to lunch, or even to use if their own car breaks down. Some days of the week, our staff are encouraged to work from home which means they are producing less CO2 emissions if they drive to work and it also reduces the amount of energy being used in the office. So everybody saves – the staff, the company and the planet! Even when employees start their time at ANS they are sent a map which lets them know which public transport services will get them to our office so they can leave the car at home.

Purple might be our colour, but deep down we’re green and we won’t stop being so anytime soon!

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