Recent attempts to save 2e2 fail as it goes into administration


The tech industry sector has been shaken this week with what appears to be the demise of 2e2, which has reportedly gone into administration.

Paul Sweeney – Managing Director of ANS Group and National Cloud (ANS’s affordable, secure, shared cloud, fixed price solution – featuring a wide range of As a Service offerings) stated; “Although we consider our ANS Group and our National Cloud offering to be a competitor to 2e2 in the provision of either cloud-based, on site or hybrid; IT systems, infrastructure, technologies and managed services, it is still sad news that such a large organisation as 2e2 has so quickly struggled and gone into administration.

This will be difficult times for employees, existing customers and organisations considering working with 2e2. This highlights the need and importance of financial stability and trust in the companies that are providing cloud based solutions and managed services, key factors in the decision for organisations to migrate to the cloud, and the criteria they consider as key in deciding on the right cloud provider. These were among some key insights that we gained from a recent Cloud research project that we commissioned Vanson Bourne on and recently launched”.

There will be a number of organisations who will be customers of 2e2, or were considering working with them, many of these will need to act fast and arrange a contingency plan – to be ready if the situation worsens.

If this impacts your organisation’s plans, operations, infrastructure and business continuity, and you need advice, support and assistance from a trusted, proven and established provider – the ANS and National Cloud teams are ready to help quickly and support you.