Renewed Cisco Certifications ensures ANS’ Offerings remain Globally Unique


ANS has successfully renewed their Gold, Cloud and Managed Services Master and Master Cloud status’ with Cisco.

These specialisations highlight ANS’ unmatched proficiency in selling and implementing end-to-end cloud solutions utilising a range of Cisco technology. The designations cover competencies across all cloud and managed services infrastructure components (security, networking, compute, storage and virtualisation), cloud management applications, and a formal cloud professional services practice.
This combination of Cisco certifications ensures ANS remains globally unique, with no other partner holding all accreditations simultaneously.

Describing the recertifications, Cisco stated:

“By achieving the Master Cloud Builder Specialization, ANS has proven they have the ability to provide sophisticated, value-added Cisco solutions through their in-depth sales capabilities, technology skills and service offerings. Once again, ANS has met all the requirements for maintaining Cisco Gold Certified Partner status, including personnel, support, specialization and Hybrid IT, while continuing to demonstrate that it is qualified to sell, install, and support Cisco solutions in the UK.”

Speaking of the renewed certifications, ANS’ CEO Paul Shannon said,

“Our relationship with Cisco is paramount to our success and ensures that our customers know we’re partnered with one of the industry’s most trusted names. The recertification of our Gold, Master Cloud and Cloud and Managed Services Master status’ demonstrates our commitment to delivering outstanding technical solutions across the Managed Networks and Platforms space. As our relationship with Cisco continues to strengthen, our customers can rest assured they are able to continue receiving exceptional expertise and unrivalled products and services.”