The Rise of the Smart City in the Connected Age

From consumerisation to Smart cities, we’ve come a long way in 10 years.

This is the decade that consumerisation took hold of IT and turned it on its head. We just can’t live without WiFi and Smartphones, if they were around in 1943 they would probably have made an appearance on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Technologies such as wearables are becoming more and more common and reliance on them, to support our diet, fitness regimes and organise our lives, is increasing.

It is also the decade we started to attach ‘things’ to the internet – machines, smart metres, hospital equipment as IOT and big data changed from being a topic of thought leadership to actionable enterprise projects. But what’s next? It’s no longer just about an individual’s fitness goals or a solitary IT project; organisations are dreaming big and turning that dream into a reality.

One consortium of organisations, CityVerve, is delivering a smarter, connected Manchester which will use technology to change the lives of those living and working in the city, as well as building a blueprint for smart cities worldwide.  The vision sees the union of pioneering IoT initiatives and a team of real world experts to deliver endless possibilities for the city and its people such as improved healthcare, transport and the environment.

It sounds amazing, but how will a smart city transform our lives? Let’s look at how health services could be changed. Health tech apps, connected to a user’s smart device, can provide both the user and healthcare professional with critical information. For the user, it may be recommendations on how to manage their condition whereas for the GP information can be provided to monitor a patient more efficiently without the need for face to face appointments. By connecting systems, applications and people a smart city can deliver some impressive benefits.

It’s an exciting time for Manchester. It’s an exciting time for all those involved in the project and at ANS we’re proud to be one of the organisations that have been chosen to make it happen. To learn more about CityVerve and Manchester’s exciting future, visit Alternatively, to read more about ANS’ involvement in the project, view the press release here.

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