Up in your Grill: COO hosts Breakfast BBQ Bash

After a successful sausage fest BBQ last year, on Friday our very own COO, Chris Hodgson, rolled up his sleeves, threw on his apron and hosted this year’s summer breakfast BBQ, “Podgies Porkies”.

No one wants boring cereal or healthy porridge on a Friday. Especially when it’s Champagne Friday! A free breakfast before we start work and free drinks when we down tools (early!), what a treat! And we all know calories don’t count at the weekend ?

Chris lit the world’s earliest BBQ in time to start serving as hungry employees arrived from 8am. From the fabled Manchester sausage, to the classic Cumberland, to the very tasty veggie sausages there was something for everyone, complete with our favourite sauces.

The meat sausages even came straight from the abattoir – nothing but the best to start the day for our hard-working employees. As the staff were rolling in, the sausages were rolling out, even the guys who had been on the night shift came down to get a tasty butty before heading home. There was plenty to go around with some people even getting a cheeky second sarnie!

It wouldn’t be a British summer BBQ with a little rain would it? Well it didn’t stop us! The tunes were blasting, the sausages were sizzling and the (non-alcoholic) drinks were flowing as we said farewell to the summer in style.

A huge thanks to our brilliant Operations Team who organised the entire morning to satisfy our taste buds.

It’s events like this that make ANS such a unique place to work. Our leadership team value every single one of our employees and always love to give us a treat.

Feel like you’re missing out? Enjoy treats like this and more by joining our team today. Browse our current vacancies here.

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