What to expect from ANS in 2019

That’s right, it’s another one of those ‘what’s coming up in 2019’ blogs. But trust me, next year is looking huge for us. And if 2018 is anything to go by, it’s going to be another outstanding year for the UK’s #1 Cloud Services Provider. Find out what the industry should expect from us, what our customers can expect and what our employees can expect all in one place – we’ve got it all. Hold tight.

The industry

In terms of tech adoption, selling hardware is (almost) a thing of the past as we moved to the cloud with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Application Development. This year we have seen a huge rise in development projects as these technologies continue to mature and become more mainstream as their use is set to accelerate in the coming year. The future of the technology industry is looking extremely exciting.

There’s no denying that diversity in the technology industry has been a hot topic this year and next year looks to be no different with more and more open discussions and programs cropping up across the sector. At ANS, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any type of discrimination and we are ready to practice what we preach as we gear up for a year all about inclusion. Be sure to keep those eyes peeled for all things diverse in 2019!

Our customers

Building on the theme of diversity, we are delighted to announce that we will be the headline sponsor for CIO+1 events next year. Established by Claire Priestley, Director of IT at City, University of London, CIO +1 is a series of events created to help improve diversity in the IT sector.

CIO +1 centres around extending and developing the CIO leadership network by identifying, building relationships, and providing chances for future leaders of IT to gain access to the same conversations, innovations and collaborative opportunities. We are very excited to be joining such a great series of events run by Claire and her team as we seek to improve diversity in the technology sector together.

In November this year, we held our very first ANS Hackathon in Birmingham. We came together with some of the UK’s leading higher education organisations to explore ways we can improve the student experience in the digital age. The event was fully booked, and we had some incredible ideas that could inspire digital transformation across the higher education sector. The feedback we received was really positive and the event was a huge success.

In fact, we were so chuffed with the event that we have decided to hold 2 more hackathons in 2019! If you’re in the local government sector and you’re passionate about digital transformation in your industry, look out for a hackathon where we’ll explore how we can improve the services of our local councils to make our communities the best possible places to live. And if you work in IT within our amazing NHS and want to help drive digitisation across the organisation, keep an eye out for an NHS hackathon too!

Our employees

We are leading the way in technological innovation and to keep on doing that, we need the very best people in the business working with us. We are on the hunt for innovative, driven, young professionals with a passion for technology who want to join an industry-leading, new-age company. We believe in equal opportunities for everyone so whoever you are, if you think you’ve got what it takes, join us today.

Our employees have definitely got some exciting projects coming their way, and they have also got some exciting work spaces on the horizon too. 2019 could see us customise our offices in both London and Manchester that will inspire innovative and collaborative work within our team. But who wants to work all day long? Our employees can expect new breakout areas to help them chill out for a while when they’ve been working hard.

We are very excited about next year and the opportunities it will bring. Roll on 2019!

And it’s not just at ANS where exciting things are happening, have a read of our recent blog about Gartner’s tech predictions for 2019.

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