Empowering you to get maximum value from your service

We believe in taking the stress out of IT Management, but don’t believe in taking operational control away from your team. Instead we remove the operational burden with team augmentation that accelerates the development of a Centre of Excellence and mature operational capability.

When we welcome you into our Managed Service, we empower you with the knowledge and education to drive improvements, the platforms and tools to gain real-time insights and a dedicated customer success architect to help you achieve continuous optimisation and development of your environment.


Drive improvements across your service

We take a high-touch approach to service management across all of our managed services to provide you with a consistent experience regardless of the service consumed.

Built upon industry leading tools and processes, ANS’ service management is designed to enable you to maximise the value of your managed service investment. Once you’re onboarded, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will work with you to drive improvements across your service.


Leverage dedicated expertise to help you achieve technical excellence

When you become a customer, you’ll receive access to a dedicated Customer Success Architect (CSA) to ensure you receive nothing short of an exceptional experience when interacting with ANS.

Your dedicated CSA will understand your organisation and your IT environment and will use this deep understanding to help drive the maturity of your team and execute on your strategic roadmap.


Benefit from end-to-end platform operations & operational tooling

Using ANS GLASS, our real-time service management portal, you’ll receive a transparent, single view of all service transactions. GLASS works by surfacing information from industry leading tools into a centralised portal so you can rest assured your environment is operating as efficiently as possible.

We have a mature FinOps capability that ensures expert advice and recommendations are provided on top of the insights provided by GLASS to suit your strategy and commercial preferences.

Monitoring your environment is all well and good, but we’re passionate about challenging and inspire you to get the best out of your cloud environment. Using Cloud Score, our unique scoring mechanism designed to rate your overall cloud health, we break down the various elements of your cloud environment, such as application on-boarding, tagging, monitoring and security to give you a completely transparent insight into how well your environment is operating, while giving you the insights to help you optimise and improve.

Security + Governance

Conform to compliance standards

As your cloud environment grows it’s easy to lose track of all the moving parts. We can help ensure the secure, effective and efficient use of your chosen technology. As you scale your environment there is a delicate balancing act between agility and control. By defining and applying policies, governance and configuration management can ensure operational consistency and control of your IT environment.

Your CSA will work with you to fine tune your environment, helping to review and improve your security and governance posture, optimise costs and achieve operational excellence through scheduled CSA reviews.


Access continuous real-time insights

GLASS is our instant and real-time service management portal, designed to give you a completely transparent, single view of all service transactions. Developed using feedback from our customers, GLASS is much more than a traditional ticketing system. The portal offers a digital and efficient way for you to communicate any requests or notifications with ANS.

From incidents and changes to contractual information and reporting, the digital interface provides anytime, anywhere access.

We Empower

Build your bespoke security pack with our bolt-on services

Stop managing and start optimising

Protecting workloads, uncovering efficiencies, improving security… these are all essential if you want your cloud environment to run smoothly. But who wants to spend time managing when you could be transforming? Discover our suite of bolt-on services and let us do the heavy lifting.

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