What’s it like to join a new company in lockdown?

Coronavirus has changed the way we work, live and communicate forever and life at ANS is no exception. Digital communication is nothing new to ANS, but since 16th March, our Yammer usage is up 400%, our Champagne Fridays have gone virtual and we’ve even made our quarterly All Staff digital.

And during all of this, we’ve welcomed a number of new people into the ANS team over the last few weeks, right from Sales to Professional Services. Joining a new company in lockdown is new territory for us all, your first few weeks should be filled with new experiences, having lunch with your new teammates, getting to know the office.

Hopefully our ramped up digital communication has helped our new starters put faces to names and get a real sense of what we’re about at ANS, so we caught up with them to get their experience of starting a new role remotely.

Emma, Business Development Manager

Joining ANS has been amazing. I speak to my manager and my ‘buddy’ every morning and they’ve really helped me settle in. In fact, everyone at ANS is really nice, I can’t wait to meet them properly.

I knew ANS was a great even before I joined, I had already seen some snippets from their Women in Tech campaign and I knew this was the company for me. And now I’m here, I can see why they’re in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to work for every year. Plus, I get to enjoy all the perks myself!

I have to say, I am truly grateful that ANS hired me under the circumstances, they didn’t have to bring anyone on in this climate. My start date had to be moved around a little but in the meantime, our CEO, Paul Shannon was sure to message me on LinkedIn expressing how excited they were to have me on board – even if just virtually for now!

Gerhard, Senior Data Developer

Well it’s been a funny 6 weeks since I joined, but I think it’s amazing how well everyone can adapt during times like these. Of course, we’re all missing having a face to face catch up over a brew in the office, but these first few weeks have really made me think about how I collaborate with the team and I’m grasping every opportunity that come along.

I did my research before joining ANS and I could tell from afar how passionate the CEO, Paul Shannon is about ANS just from his activity on their Glassdoor page.  When I arrived (virtually of course) I could instantly tell the emphasis that ANS places on its people is not just on the surface. And it starts from the top down, it’s been really encouraging to see, right from my first day.

Brad, Business Development Manager

The best part about joining ANS has definitely been the team around me. I get messages every day asking how I am getting on and where people can help me out. They’ve made everything run smoother for me.

Obviously we’ve got a bit more time on our hands so I’m getting in as much training as I can to really get up to speed on everything ANS. It’s going to be a huge advantage when we get back to the new normal and I can really hit the ground running.

Ellen, Project Manager

I’ve worked in the industry for a while and always known about ANS, as well as people who work here. They told me it was a great place to work and they’re not wrong.  As soon as I joined, everything I’d been told about the culture and the people was true, even in lockdown!

The team have been really welcoming on our daily team calls and I feel like I’ve really gotten to know them all already, plus it helps when they’re all so friendly and down to earth.

Communication from all levels has been great and it’s really clear how driven everybody is. Roll on when we can meet face to face but for now, I’m loving the Virtual Champagne Friday’s!

EY, Solution Architect

I was in the middle of a job search when a friend of mine recommended I speak to someone at ANS. The rest is history as they say! ANS certainly uphold its reputation, that goes for the people and the business.

The best part about joining has been having a great team around me. Their experience and willingness to share and help out has been amazing. They’re a real no nonsense bunch; everyone pulls their weight, speaks their mind and there’s no beating around the bush. It’s been a breath of fresh air.

We’re so excited to have everyone who has recently joined us on board, no doubt we will make up for lost time when we return to the new normal.

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