Why are NHS Trusts turning to ANS for Public Cloud?

As the UK’s leading enterprise Cloud Services Provider, ANS are well regarded as an expert provider for supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes with Public Cloud adoption and next generation, digital workloads. Championing many of these projects, we regularly see the synergies of these transformations across all verticals – be it the cultural shift, the introduction of new operational processes, the skilling up around new technologies and capabilities or addressing the supportability concerns of ‘Off the Shelf’ applications. There are always a vast array of challenges that appear in every public cloud adoption programme and typically, the approach to resolving them follows a well-defined, industry standard approach regardless of vertical.

So how is this relevant to NHS organisations?

The first and probably only take away from the above is that most of those concerns can be addressed by most Cloud Service Providers in the market today – they aren’t unique challenges and actually aren’t difficult to resolve. It’s all part of ‘the journey’ that almost every organisation adopting cloud services will experience in some way shape or form.  ‘The journey’ however, is where a number of key problems arise for NHS organisations and more specifically, the clearly defined procurement processes practiced among them.

The key problem is that ‘the journey’ to cloud for any organisation isn’t clearly defined in terms of costs, benefits realisation, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or any other tangible metric that NHS organisations are ‘required’ to produce as part of any procurement process. In fact, there has never been more ways to deploy an application or service and as such, never more complexity in defining the most appropriate model for the future.

This typically leads to one of two outcomes – the trust carries on with the path of least resistance, procuring a legacy IT Infrastructure capability with a tangible TCO benefit made possible only through Moores Law modernisation, or in some cases, the trust looks to the market for a partner with the capability to demonstrate the cost / benefits of the various options available to them in a comparable manner that allows them to prove best value on an alternative, next generation IT capability.

The latter is where ANS are seeing some of the most forward thinking trusts engage with us – not because we can answer the challenges mentioned earlier around the technical and cultural issues, but because of our proven capability to help trusts navigate the complex and arguably outdated processes making it so difficult to begin a journey without knowing every investment point, cost and ROI for the next 5 years. This capability isn’t something you can find with any Cloud Service Provider though – in fact from my experience, this capability is something extremely unique to us, and something that has been born from the 20+ years of experience we have developed working with leading NHS trusts across the UK:

We’re end-to-end – ANS have been delivering and supporting NHS trusts infrastructure, network and applications for years, giving us a wealth of experience and understanding for the complexities, integrations and true costs associated with provisioning and managing traditional environments.

We’re NOT born in the cloud – ANS know what ‘good’ looks like on both ends of the spectrum, and everything in between. We’ve supported a number of trusts through the journey and if we wind back several years, we have taken hundreds of organisations through several similarly challenging journeys before (Novel > Microsoft, Physical > VMware etc.)

We speak your language – ANS have engaged with the procurement processes of NHS trusts for years, and understand how to bridge the gap between the ‘Agile’ nature of Cloud adoption and traditional metrics required to compare solutions in an effective way.

We’re Agnostic – ANS have no bias toward any Cloud Provider, or even toward Cloud itself; we use industry standard metrics and processes to help trusts understand the true TCO of an applications target architecture and the true benefits it will provide, ultimately allowing ‘best value’ to be demonstrated and an un-bias recommendation to be made.

We’re a true CSP – Many Cloud Service Providers in the market today aren’t actually CSP’s – they are an engineering or consultancy practice that are often experts in cloud migrations, but not necessarily operations. Whether you want to back off operations and support to a provider or not, it’s critical that you go in with the mindset that cloud doesn’t mean no operations and as such, leveraging a provider with proven experience supporting trusts in cloud environments is critical.

We could go on to describe that raft of experience and capabilities ANS have in supporting trusts throughout the whole lifecycle of “the journey” (performing migrations, providing support etc.) but fundamentally, the first engagement and fundamental reason NHS organisations trust ANS for Public Cloud isn’t for these reasons. It’s absolutely right that as an authoritative holder of public money, trusts need to demonstrate best value before spending it anywhere, and this is why trusts are turning to ANS….. to gain impartial advice from a partner with the proven expertise and capability to demonstrate a well-defined map of ‘the journey’ they are looking to embark on.

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