Why use an MSP for your WAN rather than going direct to the carrier?

A few years ago, customers had no choice other than to have their WAN provided by a carrier. On the positive side, you could expect some choice with suppliers like Energis, Cable & Wireless, Telewest etc. But these days, if you are looking for a carrier, your choice is severely limited. More recently, the big 3 in the UK, BT, Virgin Media and Vodafone have dominated the carrier scene.

However, they all fall very short in a number of crucial areas. Here are my 5 top reasons for avoiding them

1) You had better be big!

Unless you’re a very sizable organisation then prepare to be ignored. The vast majority of medium and even large enterprises just aren’t big enough to warrant any significant attention from the carriers. Don’t get me wrong, they will be happy enough to take your money but after that you’re on your own.

2) Changes take an age

Sites move, requirements change and at an increasing pace in today’s economy, but good luck getting any kind of agility in response to your requirements. If you need something done urgently, then prepare for a whole load of frustration and stress.

3) Network design with a hammer

Everything looks like a nail if all you have is a hammer. Unfortunately, bespoke customer network design just isn’t the done thing  with the large carriers. It’s understandable when you consider the fact they are just too cumbersome to support bespoke network design, but sometimes this can lead to an absolute car crash of a network. I have seen far too many examples where a ‘standard’ solution has been squeezed into a scenario where it didn’t fit, just because it was the ‘standard’ solution.

4) They all want to be Netflix

Are they really interested in delivering WAN’s at all? They all seem to be more focused on becoming content providers. I’m not entirely clear how a sport app is going to help my customers deliver business change. Maybe I’ve missed something, perhaps it makes perfect business sense to get into content. Perhaps that’s where the future profit lies, but personally I would prefer more focus on getting the basics right. And if I have missed something, well I’m sure the carriers will help me ‘watch again’.

5) Billing that might as well be written in an alien language!!!!

I cannot fathom how the carriers can be so monumentally bad at billing. Is it really that hard? The descriptions are indecipherable, the amounts are generally wrong and inconsistent and they even sometimes bill for sites that don’t exist (and have never existed). If this was an exception, then perhaps I could give them some slack but unfortunately it appears to be the rule.

Rant over. I feel a bit better now. I can’t speak for other MSP’s but I know we are different. We pride ourselves on treating every customer is an individual and we take the time to actually listen to your requirements and deliver a bespoke design. We have clear change SLA’s to ensure your urgent changes are actioned quickly, and we are specialists in ensuring you get application performance from the platform, across the network, to the end user.

So what makes us any different?

  1. We live and breathe our Zero Stress, Zero Compromise promise.

We believe only a cloud Services Provider has the expertise to design a next generation network that can adapt to your future digital ambitions. Our application centric, cloud-ready networks deliver a first-class end-to-end service level from the application to the user. Carrier, transport and platform agnostic, our experience and expertise make us the fastest moving and most innovative service provider, meaning you can rest assured your network is one less thing to worry about.

2. Our unique Bandwidth pooling option makes us the most flexible connectivity provider in the market. 

Hands up who wants better bandwidth control, virtual machine portability and faster services? Well I guess that’s everyone then. If you’re constantly being held back by the lengthy procurement process when you need more bandwidth, fast, we feel your pain. Thankfully, those days could be behind you. With our unique bandwidth pooling service, we’ve made it possible for you to purchase an aggregated pool of bandwidth to allow you to provision to each site based on demand. This means your sites at full utilisation can have bandwidth moved from other sites without incurring extra costs or forcing you to go through the tiresome procurement process. Happy days!

3. The ANS Network Intelligence Platform allows you to make informed decisions around connectivity choice and design.

Our Network Intelligence Platform is one nifty piece of tech! Developed in house by our dev gurus, it combines real-time market data with 20 years’ worth of Gartner statistics to enable our network team to compare everything from carriers, availability and cost, time to resolution and install duration. This means we can make an informed decision about your connectivity choice and design, based on what matters most to you.

4. We’re a VNO which means we can offer multi-carrier solutions

We all expect more from our network these days, but traditional standard network designs often fail to meet our demands. This means you can’t always rely on the large carriers to provide bespoke connectivity solutions. But that is where ANS is different. We’re a virtual network operator which means we can take a multi-carrier approach to create a completely bespoke connectivity solution while still using reliable Tier 1 infrastructure. This means you can expect much shorter change SLAs and higher-grade performance and resiliency. Win win!

5. Our networks are software defined by default

Are you ready to future-proof your network for the cloud era? We are. Our software-defined network architecture approach enables the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled, or ‘programmed,’ using software applications. This helps you manage your entire network consistently and holistically, regardless of the underlying network technology, meaning you can expect better performance and elasticity.

Still not convinced? Find out why Trustford partnered with ANS to drive a digitally-led customer experience with a cloud-ready WAN in our interview with Trustford’s IT Director, Andy Pocock.

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