Why your risk-averse approach to cloud is holding you back

Information Age have published an article which reviewed an extensive report which has outlined the current state of cloud adoption, the primary concerns with private and public cloud services, security implications, and the evolving impact of shadow IT. The survey, which gathered responses of over 2,000 senior IT professionals, revealed that UK IT teams remain among the most risk-averse when it comes to cloud adoption, in part due to the growing skills shortage. The report goes on to highlight that UK businesses are the least likely globally to have a cloud-first strategy, adopted by just 70% compared to over 80% across the globe. UK IT teams are also least likely to allow their organisation’s public cloud service to store sensitive data with only 7% saying all of their data is stored in the Public cloud, compared to the global average of 25%. So the big question is, why?

While trust in the cloud is on the rise, the ongoing security skills shortage is affecting cloud deployments.

In our whitepaper, Shared Lessons: Journey to the Cloud we spoke to a number of CIOs which revealed that confidence, a lack of skills and shadow IT are not the only challenge standing in the way of Cloud adoption. Legal obstacles, cultural challenges and depreciating costs are often to blame – but is it worth battling the challenges to eventually reap the benefits?

In today’s competitive environment, the service, flexibility and choices offered by Cloud computing are too attractive for enterprises to ignore. Migrating your organisation’s services and infrastructure to the Cloud can bring agility, scalability and cost reductions. As with the adoption of any new technology there will be challenges and risks, whether this is around trust, legality, cost or culture or other elements. With all these areas of concern, it has become clear that due diligence is needed when researching cloud-based solutions. To discover if the agility, scalability and cost reductions can outweigh the challenges surrounding cloud adoption and to learn why it is vital that organiations adopt a holistic trust strategy, read the whitepaper in full.

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