At ANS Group we recognise the impact we have on our environment and are committed to continuous improvement to enable us and our clients to reduce our carbon footprint and comply with all environmental legislation, codes of practice and regulatory controls. As a company we use the latest technology to ensure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible. We offer schemes to staff to help them cut their individual emissions and implement a comprehensive recycling initiative in our offices. The technology solutions that we offer to our customers are also designed to help them to become more environmentally friendly.


Our recycling policy is implemented on a day to day basis throughout ANS Group’s office. We have facilities, and encourage staff, to recycle paper, plastic water cups, cardboard boxes and empty printer cartridges. All staff are periodically monitored for the amount of recyclable materials in their bins, with reminders of the recycling scheme on the rare occasion that more than a small amount is found. We are also vigilant to ensure that no power is wasted with air conditioning or lights being used when not needed. We are informed by the company that collects the recyclable material of how many bags they take per month. Combined with the periodic inspections of bins we are able to fairly accurately gauge whether we are recycling a high enough percentage of paper, plastic cups and cardboard.

Innovative Environmental Policy

ANS Group prides itself not only on the extent of our CSR policy, but also on our innovation. We run a Government Cycle to Work scheme that allows staff to purchase a bicycle with a 40% saving on its cost price.

We have a cycle to work scheme but also provide alternative means of transport for staff members that want to take advantage of the scheme but occasionally need the use of a car during their working day, ANS Group has purchased and fully branded a fuel efficient and environmentally friendly Smart Car. This innovation has made the scheme practical and widened the scope of people who are able to get involved. Staff is regularly reminded through the monthly newsletter of the existence, and benefits, of the scheme.

This allows staff to cycle to work and still visit clients. Its fuel efficiency also reduces the carbon footprint and cost when used by staff, in place of their own vehicles, to attend meetings.

Success and Communication of our Environmental Policy

We measure the success of our environmental policy by measuring how many Unified Communications solutions we install and how many Virtualisation packages we sell. We keep a strict eye on our own power usage and bills to ensure nothing is being wasted. We also periodically count how many employees cycle into work.

Helping our Customers

Two solutions that we offer commercially are Virtualisation and Unified Communications. Virtualisation is a process that dramatically reduces the number of servers used by an organisation, thus decreasing the amount of power needed to run and cool them. Unified Communications has video conferencing and collaboration capabilities enabling staff to have meetings without the need to travel between offices. We have implemented both solutions within our own offices, have installed Unified Communications with eight companies serving a total of 2,500 users and have virtualised ten clients’ servers. We have therefore been able to reduce our own power usage and carbon footprint and assist our customers to do likewise.

Virtualisation and Unified Communications are the cutting edge of new technology. Our Technical Directors are constantly researching new products that can add to their positive environmental impact. This provides innovative savings for both ANS Group and our range of customers.

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