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Microsoft Copilot

Multiple Copilots have been introduced across different Microsoft applications so far. Understanding where to start and how to use them effectively can be overwhelming. This is where ANS can help. With a Copilot Navigator, we’ll simplify and increase Microsoft Copilot adoption in your organisation.

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In this collaborative and interactive engagement, we'll explore various parts of your ecosystem (People, Process and Platforms) to assess your Copilot readiness. We'll work with you to identify your goals, set a purpose, review your guardrails and understand your wider focus on how people will be enabled to adopt the various selected Copilots at scale.

Trusted advice & expertise.

Copilot adoption made easy with ANS.

As a leading Microsoft Partner in the UK, our experts will help you get started with Copilot, with full governance and guardrails around it.

Digital experts.

We are one of the few partners certified as a Microsoft Expert Managed Service Provider, placing us in the top 4% of Microsoft partners globally. We have the knowledge and the support of Microsoft to bring you the latest AI with full governance.

Enabling change.

We'll be your trusted partner in using Copilot to enable change and transformation within your business. Regardless of your AI maturity level, we offer strategic guidance, best practices, and consultancy to fulfil your objectives.

Ethical use.

We are committed to the ethical use of AI. Our team of experts establishes guidelines aligning with your company’s values and reducing risk.

Our partnerships.

As a Microsoft Expert MSP, we’re annually audited and rank in the top 4% of global partners.

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