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Developing the next generation. An apprenticeship at ANS is proven to be an excellent launch into a career. We are dedicated to providing apprentices with the ideal work, life and learning balance, combining a fun environment with state-of-the-art facilities to progress their abilities. Learning is led by our fantastic training team headed up by former teachers. It’s the skills, support and mentoring of the wider, highly experienced team members that give our apprentices a unique experience.

How to start your tech apprenticeship at ANS.

At the ANS Academy you’ll learn by getting hands-on with cutting-edge technology from day one. Working with the best engineers in the business, you’ll receive support from mentors along the way. 

Our Ofsted, award-winning Level 3 Information Communication Technician apprenticeship allows you to follow two paths; Digital Cloud Technician or Connectivity Technician, with the benefit of all our training being in-house. Both paths give you insight into the business and provide you with the skills to follow your passion. It’s not just a job, it’s a journey. Become an ANS apprentice and start yours.

Awarded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

ANS was awarded an ‘outstanding’ classification by Ofsted. This recognises the fantastic quality of our apprenticeship programme. Regarding the ANS Academy, Ofsted has said “Apprentices strive to achieve to the best of their ability in the workplace. All apprentices go on to be successful and move into permanent or promoted posts within the company.”

This grade makes us the only tech company in the North of England to have received this commendation, and one of only two in the whole of the UK.

Read our Ofsted report


Benefits of an ANS apprenticeship.

Our apprentices are entitled to the same benefits as the rest of the company. We believe that there are some extra perks that you can pick up along the way…

Highly qualified trainers.

On-demand knowledge. Whenever you need advice or guidance, there are plenty of people around to offer it.

Scaling salary.

Earn whilst you learn and open every payslip with a smile. At ANS, our apprentices have an exciting role with progressional pay as they develop.

Social gatherings.

With our jam-packed social calendar, you can expand your network in the apprentice community at ANS.

Side-by-side experience.

Our experts want you to learn and grow, just as much as themselves. Preparing you for your future.

ANS has been awarded 55th by Apprenticeship top 100 Employers 2022.

We have been recognised for our work in boosting career opportunities through apprenticeships, ranking in a list of the most outstanding apprenticeship employers in the country for 2022.

Tom Robinson, Head of Apprenticeships at ANS Group, said: “ANS has been a huge advocate of apprenticeships for many years. We’ve invested in our in-house training centre and in our Ofsted Outstanding training team to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for our apprentices.”


3 Industry recognised vendors
3 Industry recognised vendors
77% Distinction rate
77% Distinction rate
215Apprentices graduated in the last 10 years
215Apprentices graduated in the last 10 years
100%Pass rate
100%Pass rate

Our apprenticeship.

The ANS Academy offers one of the top tech apprenticeships in the UK and our stats speak for themselves.

ANS Tech Talent Insight Day.

We are proud to be part of the North West Tech Talent Consortium to provide education and opportunities for young people interested in tech. We hosted a 2 day workplace safari complete with a power platform dragons den activity and showcase.



Bud logo in a laptop screen.

The ‘Bud’ Platform.

We’ve teamed up with Bud as our main platform for apprenticeship delivery. This allows us to deliver our apprenticeships to the highest standard. 

With Bud’s tracker you can see exactly how you are progressing and where you need to be. You don’t need to figure out your next steps, your personal tutor designs the models you need to know, so they are always in front of you. Progress to success quicker and start achieving your goals.

Apprenticeship policies

We do everything possible to keep you safe. Want to know more? Then check our apprenticeship policies.


Our Apprenticeship Policies