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Enhancing and Protecting Student Information through Data Insights

  • Thursday 27th June 2024
  • 1pm-2pm
  • Webinar

Enhancing and Protecting Student Information through Data Insights

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We’re inviting you to our webinar around the data and the challenges within the Higher Education sector . In this session, we’ll explore how Azure public cloud technology can address the unique data-related issues encountered by educational institutions. Join our industry experts as they discuss the following key points and takeaways:

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making

Discover how higher education institutions can harness Azure’s power to drive informed decisions. We’ll explore: 

  • Collecting and processing data efficiently 
  • Leveraging analytics for student outcomes and operational optimization 
  • Tailoring educational offerings to meet dynamic market demands 
  1. Security and Compliance in Data Handling

Learn about the critical role of data security and compliance in higher education. We’ll cover: 

  • GDPR and FERPA regulations 
  • Azure’s robust security features 
  • Legal obligations for safeguarding sensitive information 
  1. Scalability and Flexibility of Data Infrastructure

Explore how Azure enables seamless data management. Topics include: 

  • Scalable solutions for data storage and processing 
  • Efficient handling of large volumes of student, faculty, and research data 
  • Cloud scalability during peak periods (e.g., enrolment, exams) 
  1. Enhancing Student Experience through Data Insights

Discover how data insights can elevate the student experience: 

  • Personalised learning paths 
  • Proactive support services 
  • Boosting student retention and success 
  1. Innovations in Data Technology

Stay ahead with Azure’s cutting-edge tools: 

  • AI and machine learning applications 
  • Advancing research, teaching, and learning processes 

Meet the speakers...

Martin Brierley

Data & AI Practice Lead

Martin Brierley, ANS' Data & AI Practice Lead, is dedicated to demonstrating the practical advantages of digital transformation and enabling clients to utilise the full potential of their data. With over 17 years of industry experience, Martin assists organisations in adopting and updating data solutions. He formulates data strategies, creates technical designs, and ensures alignment with corporate goals, budgets, and current technological trends. Martin is enthusiastic about providing innovative solutions catering to clients’ needs and priorities.

Adam Westall

Industry Lead: Higher Education

Adam Westall has over 10 years of experience in IT Account Management, working within the IT channel and public sector, helping Education and NPO professionals to deliver maximum value from IT spending. Adam joined ANS 3 years ago to lead the education and NPO teams to bring digital transformation to the forefront of public sector innovation.   

Harry Tull

Solution Architect: Data & AI

As an energetic presenter and confident communicator, Harry is well-versed in the Software Development Life Cycle, Agile Project Management frameworks and CI/CD methodologies. This equips him to scope, design, architect and implement scalable analytics solutions that leverage the power of the Azure cloud platform services involving data storage, integration, transformation and AI & ML practices to meet the unique needs of the projects that he works on.