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App modernisation.

With our expertise in low code and business applications, we can make your legacy apps cloud native. Be it creating modern CRM apps to build better customer relationships, or automating time intensive processes for efficiency, our approach of streamlining app build and deployment gives you rapid, low cost modernisation with minimal disruption.

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App modernisation for better business outcomes.

Whether it’s optimising your customer relationships or launching new products, our approach to app modernisation gets you to your desired business outcome rapidly and cost effectively. We deliver full app governance and compliance with security built in by default. 

We can seamlessly integrate your existing systems with the wider Microsoft ecosystem ensuring multiple elements come together in the right way to give you the best outcome. From migrating old CRM applications to Dynamics 365 or moving from Exchange to Office 365, we ensure the process is smooth and hassle free. 

Low code and business app specialist engineers are available through our Centre of Excellence to give expert guidance and functional engineering support. 

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How we do it

Rapid app deployment.

We can help you adopt a low code methodology instead of relying heavily on time consuming and expensive app development. Pre-built modules, drag and drop functionality means you don’t need to be highly technical to develop a modern line of business apps.

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How we do it

Dynamics 365 deployment.

We can help you move from old CRM systems to Dynamics 365 to gain more in-depth, actionable customer insights that drive revenue and pipeline. As a certified Microsoft partner, we can deploy the platform for you in days, giving you a quick, integrated, tailored solution.

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How we do it

Microsoft Power Platform.

As a preferred Power Applications Advanced Partner, we have the expertise to support your app development, regardless of the level of sophistication. We can help you create and deploy tailored applications, reports, and workflows and connect them to your existing systems.

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How we do it

App governance.

Allow your employees to develop new solutions with low code in a secure environment with ANS. Know that your employees can create freely without risk to your system with governance by ANS’ certified engineers, available anytime for support.

Our partnerships

As we are certified to the highest level, we give you access to the world’s best technology.

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Our approach

How we work with you.

With our simple 3-step process, we look at your needs, then build a tailored solution based on repeatable, enterprise-grade solutions, that is rapidly deployed using automation tools. We can then optimise the solution with our UK based managed services team.


Through an initial discovery, we create a top line plan that points you in the right direction. It includes a high level design based on standard components that quickly gets you up and running.


Your solution is rapidly deployed to a variety of platforms using our suite of advanced automation tools.


Our UK based managed services team can help you fine tune the solution, and can co-manage it with you. While our CoE consultants guide you on the best way to achieve your desired business outcome and provide functional engineering support.  

Our clients.

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