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Colocation Services.

Let us protect & power your IT, while you keep complete control.

Housed in our award winning ISO-accredited UK-based data centres, your IT is ultra-secure & benefits from high levels of resilience & connectivity.

Our Data Centres

ISO-certified, tier 3 data centres

Custom built with only enterprise grade infrastructure, we deliver the flexibility and control each organisation requires.

Redundant power

Every site has Uninterruptible Power Supply systems and standby diesel generators to keep the site functioning in case of mains supply failure.


We use Direct Expansion (DX) Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units in an N+1 configuration.

Fire suppression

Highly sensitive VESDA fire detection and gas suppression systems are installed in all of our Data Centres.

data centre setup security

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Learn everything there is to know about our UK-based data centres, including our high level of security, resilience, and power supplies.

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Frequently asked questions

What is colocation?

Colocation is a service where businesses rent space in a shared data center to house their servers & IT infrastructure. It offers physical space, regulated power & cooling, high-speed connectivity, & robust security measures. As a colocation provider, we must ensure redundancy & reliability, minimizing downtime & offer managed services for more effective infrastructure management. Businesses choose colocation for cost efficiency, scalability, reliable infrastructure, and the ability to focus on their core activities.

What is a data centre?

A data center is a facility designed to house & manage computer systems, servers, & networking equipment for the purpose of processing and storing large volumes of data. It serves as a centralized hub for an organization’s IT infrastructure, providing essential resources for running applications & storing information. Key features include robust hardware, networking infrastructure, cooling systems, & security measures. Data centers are critical for ensuring the reliability, security, & continuous operation of digital services for businesses & organizations.

What is a peering arrangement?

A peering arrangement refers to a mutual interconnection between two or more separate Internet networks for the purpose of exchanging traffic directly.  Peering involves the voluntary & reciprocal connection of networks to allow the exchange of data traffic without the need for routing through third-party networks or Internet service providers (ISPs).

ANS have agreements in place with LINXP, LONAPP, LIPEX, & IX Manchester, as well as relationships & provisions with pioneering Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers, such as BT, Virgin Media Business, IXReach, & Metronet UK.

What is a carrier neutral provider?

A carrier-neutral provider is a data center or network facility that does not favor any specific telecommunications carrier or ISP.

It’s our duty as a carrier-neutral data centre operator to provide you with a wide variety of connectivity and communications options, including IP Transit, point to point, Ethernet and diverse dark fibre and wavelength. You can connect to your preferred carrier as easily, robustly, and affordably as possible.