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Cloud Government 2 min read

Basildon Borough Council to retire data centre infrastructure in favour of AVS.

Basildon Borough Council to retire data centre infrastructure in favour of AVS.

Basildon Borough Council partners with ANS to adopt public cloud

Basildon Borough Council welcomes its new partnership with ANS, an Azure Expert MSP and Advanced Specialisation Partner, to adopt Azure VMware solution (AVS). The move is part of the council’s efforts to accelerate its transition to public cloud and retire its data centre infrastructure, while also achieving its sustainability target of being carbon-zero by 2030.

As outlined in Basildon Borough Council’s corporate plan, the council is committed to optimising its use of technology to streamline processes and facilitate new ways of working. By opting for AVS, the council will be able to achieve these objectives by transitioning to public cloud at pace, while utilising and retaining existing skillsets by aligning to technology currently in place.

Adoption of public cloud offers numerous benefits to local authorities. With AVS, Basildon Borough Council will be able to leverage a seamless bridge between VMware environments and Azure. This will enable elasticity, scalability and enhanced resilience, improving service quality for residents. Azure’s economies-of-scale also make it 98% more carbon-efficient than the average on-premises data centre, contributing to a more sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

Additionally, this project will lay the foundational components that will facilitate the future adoption of cloud-native services and development. By embracing public cloud, Basildon Borough Council open the door to new and innovative technologies available in the Azure ecosystem such as AI, machine-learning, data analytics, serverless computing and DevOps.

“We welcome this new partnership with ANS” said Lee Hession, Head of IT, Resilience and Information Governance at Basildon Borough Council. “AVS balances existing skillsets with rapid execution, while meeting our corporate objectives around modernisation and sustainability.”

Rob Cottrill, Technology Director at ANS, added “We are delighted to bring Basildon Borough Council into our roster of local authorities leveraging public cloud services. There are numerous benefits to public cloud, and AVS offers a pain-free transition to Azure that will enable the council to retire legacy infrastructure. We look forward to supporting the Basildon team throughout this transformation”.