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How manufacturers can get a 360 view of customers

Manufacturers are constantly striving to find the right marketing mix to increase the chances of a customer buying their products or services. They have complex supply ecosystems that rely on equally complex ERP processes and systems to take a product from raw material to consumer as quickly as possible.

Some manufacturers are held back by outdated business processes such as employees working with multiple spreadsheets and processes requiring extensive human intervention. But did you know your complex systems and day to day business tasks can be easily automated with Dynamics 365? In this blog, we take a look at some of the ways implementing Dynamics 365 can empower your workforce and improve client relationships.


Activate digital and social selling

As buyers demand speed, convenience, and flexibility, businesses are leveraging technology to transform selling and stay competitive. B2B sellers used to spend 46% of their time either in person or on site with a customer. With COVID-19 limiting face-to-face interactions, the traditional way of buying has been upended – replaced almost entirely by digital and remote experiences. These dramatic changes are expected to become permanent as buyers have become accustomed to and even prefer digital experiences over traditional experiences.

With half of the world’s population on social media, it’s more important than ever that your salespeople connect with existing and potential clients online. Within Dynamics 365, sellers can surface all of their LinkedIn Sales Navigator activity, align it to the right contacts, provide instant visibility for other teams in the business, all while removing room for error by bringing together siloed operations.


Enable an always on service 

As customers demand faster response times, higher quality products, and exceptional customer service and relationships, manufacturers are leveraging technology to transform their operations and to help them stay competitive.

The recent global pandemic has increased demand for front-line workers to collaborate remotely and redistributed the customer journey in manufacturing. With Dynamics 365, you can enable teams to exceed service expectations by predicting, detecting, and resolving service issues before your customers even know there’s a problem.


Gain a 360 view of your customer

The motivation for every company’s move to digital transformation is to improve customer experience. For any manufacturer wanting to be successful and competitive in the market today, it’s important that they can build meaningful relationships with their customers and be able to personalise a customer’s experience. With that, companies need to have a complete view of all of their customer data and that’s what Microsoft Dynamics 365 does.

It’s a tool that helps organisations gain a complete 360 view of a customer by connecting customer data from many different data sources, it then enables you to segment that data and apply insights to help you drive personalised customer focused experiences. Dynamics makes it easy to consolidate all your customer data into one place to create a single profile, so you can provide the right experience to the right customer at the right rime.


Create personalised experiences

With a 360-degree view of customers and AI-powered insights, it’s easier to understand, connect, and personalise every interaction, in real time. Manufacturers can drive customer-led experiences from awareness to purchase that feel human and real; bring together advertising and marketing to win more hearts and minds in an omnichannel world, while lowering the cost of acquisition and building trust; and ensure full control of customer data to protect brand reputation with unmatched data governance and privacy.