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Keeping your business secure.

With smaller businesses being targeted more and more by cyber threats, we can take more responsibility than ever before for the security of your infrastructure. Our SC [Security Checked] engineers in our UK based SOC (Security Operations Centre), can prevent, detect and respond to all modern cyber threats, 24/7/365.

102mAverage time for attackers to spread through your network.
102mAverage time for attackers to spread through your network.
1.8MFailed Login Attempts
1.8MFailed Login Attempts
60%Average cost saving when using Microsoft end-to-end security.
60%Average cost saving when using Microsoft end-to-end security.
$4.3mThe average cost of a data breach
$4.3mThe average cost of a data breach

Security solutions for your business.

As enterprises ramp up their cyber defence, SMBs are becoming the prime target for hackers and other bad actors. Without the right defence, your company is vulnerable to attacks such as data breaches, phishing and ransomware. A successful attack can significantly harm your reputation, customer trust and profitability.

With our UK based security managed services, we can take charge of the security of your cloud infrastructure using the most advanced enterprise grade cyber defence technology, but at a fraction of the cost and reduced complexity.  Our [MDR] Managed Detection and Response and [XDR] Extended Detection and Response services are based on the world’s best security technology, but streamlined and preconfigured specifically for SMBs.

As the current digital threat landscape expands and evolves, ensure your business is protected against password hacks, data exfiltration and software manipulation with ANS.

It was essential that the ICB has a secure managed operations facility that provides around the clock support. By opting for the ANS Managed SOC service, the organisations will be able to achieve these objectives through the fully UK-based, SC-cleared SOC service. This partnership makes our SOC service scalable so we can continue to effectively serve our customer base as it grows. The ANS team bring a complimentary skillset and set of perspectives to our team.

Adam Cooper

Director of Health Informatics

Staffordshire and Shropshire Health Informatics Service (S&SHIS)

How we do it

Highest security certification.

Certified in the top 1% of Microsoft’s global security partners, we can ensure your cloud platforms are orchestrated to best practice and keep your business protected 24/7/365.

How we do it.

UK Security Operations Centre [SOC].

Our UK based SOC is staffed by analysts that are SC cleared [Security Checked] and are skilled in preventing, detecting and responding to all modern cyber threats 24/7/365.

What we do

Streamlined XDR and MDR.

We preconfigure and tailor modern enterprise grade cloud security to the needs of SMBs. We combine world class security technology with human expertise to provide threat hunting, monitoring, and response.

Our approach

How we work with you.

With our simple 3-step process, we look at your needs, then build a tailored solution based on repeatable, enterprise-grade solutions, that is rapidly deployed using automation tools.
We can then optimise the solution with our UK based managed services team.


Through an initial discovery, we create a top line plan that points you in the right direction. It includes a high level design based on standard components that quickly gets you up and running.


Your solution is rapidly deployed to a variety of platforms using our suite of advanced automation tools.


Our UK based managed services team can help you fine tune the solution and can co-manage it with you. While our CoE consultants guide you on the best way to achieve your desired business outcome and provide functional engineering support.  

Speak to an expert.

Find out more about how we can help keep your business secure by talking to one of our expert consultants.