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How Charitable Organisations can Achieve their Top 4 Business Outcomes

How Charitable Organisations can Achieve their Top 4 Business Outcomes

Non-profit organisations (NPO) face very different challenges compared to their public and private counterparts. Due to the pandemic leading to widespread job losses and a reduction in cash circulation, NPOs have seen a decline in funding. To add to this pressure, 1 in 3 charities reported a spike in demand for their services and with various measurements for success there is a necessity for NPO’s to do more with less. Greater operational and technical efficiency is seen as having the greatest potential for enabling this, which can be achieved through the implementation of cross-life-cycle CRM solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365).

Drive Down Cost

One of the biggest challenges facing NPOs is their limited access to both resources and funding. Operating on tight budgets and often with additional constraints such as small IT teams, NPOs can struggle to deliver the highest level of social impact. Yet, investment in digital transformation where possible is always wise, often resulting in greater efficiencies, deeper insights and above all, cost savings.

There are several ways NPO’s can digitally transform NPOs cost-effectively. Automation of manual tasks, for example, reduces costly human errors and puts valuable time back into your employees’ days. When implementing D365 you are utilising a single system driving down internal costs, resulting in reduced overheads. As an outcome, beneficiaries can receive a higher percentage of fundraising activities. Additionally, when connecting processes and data to a single system you reduce administration, manual processes, and processing time. Not only that but by improving data quality with D365 you can reduce operational expenses.

Increase Fundraising Revenue

Raising funds during economically challenging times is incredible difficult, but Dynamics 365 can help you to created highly targeted, timely marketing campaigns. With insights into your donor activity, you can build extremely personalised communications that will increase impact. Using D365 insights and predictive intelligence you can pinpoint when donors will be most receptive to engagement. You will be able to take contextual information into every conversation and through personalised interactions, through a 360-degree view of donor and volunteer engagements, earn loyal donors.


Drive Intelligent Decision Making

When you utilise actionable insights, you can remove the guesswork and easily generate reports on activities such as the status of grant applications, donations received and sources, hours volunteered, and much more. NPOs have strict reporting requirements due to regulatory bodies and trustees therefore it’s necessary to have a single source of the truth. D365 comes with built in dashboards, as well as the ability to build bespoke dashboards, so you can unlock data insights.


Improve Communications & Member Relationships

Communications are more fragmented than ever, and touchpoints are multiplying with interactions taking place via social media, email, virtual meetings and more. Ensuring conversations across one touchpoint connect with other channels has never been more important but by capturing interactions with recipients, donors, volunteers, sponsors, and other members in one place, instantly, you get a coherent and complete view of each relationship from a single system.


In Summary

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, charitable organisations are better able to connect data and modernise processes that improve operational efficiency and reporting. Through data-driven insights, Dynamics 365 provides charities with a scalable platform that helps them be more agile and responsive to the needs of their beneficiaries. By unifying membership data, the system helps teams segment supporters to increase the personalisation of messages to announce events, promote fundraising activities and provide updates.

Find out how Dynamics 365 can help your organisation.