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Cloud Services.

Deploy cloud solutions in days, not months and get ongoing support with our managed services.
Unlock cost savings, improve operational efficiency and scale your business with ANS’ comprehensive cloud services and solutions. From Azure and AWS to our own eCloud VPC, we simplify, streamline and automate public cloud platforms customised to your organisation’s needs.

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We are in the top 4% of Microsoft partners worldwide and fully accredited as an AWS cloud expert.

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100zBy 2025, a 100 zettabytes will be in the cloud, 50% of the total global.
100zBy 2025, a 100 zettabytes will be in the cloud, 50% of the total global.
50%Of European businesses prioritise going cloud-first.
50%Of European businesses prioritise going cloud-first.
70%Azure is used by 70% of organisations globally for cloud services.
70%Azure is used by 70% of organisations globally for cloud services.
200+Cloud services are available via Azure.
200+Cloud services are available via Azure.

The growing importance of cloud platforms.

Migrating to the cloud can help your business unlock benefits that can transform how it operates. Scale resources up or down with ease & cost effectiveness, and enjoy peace of mind thanks to greater business continuity & disaster recovery capabilities.

Our customers

When we do need support, the response is very good – very professional and very knowledgeable.

Peter Hawes

Director of Technology


FAQs: Cloud services & solutions

What is Public Cloud?

A public cloud is a type of cloud computing where resources like servers and storage are owned and operated by third-party cloud service providers like Microsoft, Amazon or Google. The resources are shared among many users, often on a pay-as-you-go model. They offer high scalability, allowing users to rapidly scale up or down based on demand. ANS offers you public cloud solutions including migration, management and optimisation services for Azure, AWS and our own eCloud VPC 

What is Private Cloud?

A private cloud is operated for a single organisation, either physically located at the organisation’s own data centre, colocation facility or premises or hosted and potentially managed by a third-party provider. Computing resources are dedicated solely to the organisation, offering higher levels of security and control than public cloud. 

What is the best cloud platform for my business?

The best cloud for your business depends on your technology environment and business needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here; it’s unique to each company.  

We’ll help you decide the right cloud platform for your business, starting with a Cloud Navigator Assessment, where we’ll evaluate ‘where you are now’ and ‘where you want to be’ to deliver on your cloud objectives. This is based on your technical requirements, recurring costs of using the platform and funding availability. We’ll then build a transition plan, high-level design and a pricing model with a quantifiable business case supporting your cloud strategy. Get in touch with us for an initial discussion. 

How easily can I scale my public cloud solution?

Public cloud solutions offer a high degree of scalability, allowing you to adapt to changing demands quickly. You can easily add or remove resources to match demand. The specific tools and techniques to scale the solution will depend on your application architecture, requirements and preferences. Typically, when scaling down, you will use fewer resources, and this may reduce your monthly bill when resources are not in use.  

Is cloud secure?

The security of cloud services depends on various factors, such as the provider, implementation and user practices. Generally, reputable public cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS invest heavily in security measures and vulnerability patching to protect you from risks. But it’s not enough to protect data. It’s crucial for businesses to work with a partner who can prevent, detect and respond to threats in their cloud environments 24/7/365 and ensure best practices are followed. Our SMB cloud solutions have security built in by design, so you are protected by the best enterprise grade security available. Your cloud solution is always compliant and constantly kept up to date.

What is pricing model for cloud?

Experience the freedom of pay-as-you-use with our SMB cloud solutions. Easily scale usage up or down within minutes, ensuring you only pay for what you need without any surprises or wasted resources

What training does my IT staff need to manage the cloud?

ANS will handle the complexities of managing the cloud with you, with as much or as little involvement as you want. With ANS Co-Managed Cloud, we also train and transfer knowledge and ensure your team has the right skills to get the most out of the public cloud platform without leaving you dependent on our engineers.