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Magento Hosting

Our Magento hosting solution is PCI-DSS compliant, robust, highly secure & reliable. Built to handle traffic spikes with fastest possible speed without any disruptions to customer experience, backed by award-winning 24/7 UK based support from Magento experts.

ANS Managed Services

Architected for eCommerce.

We include all the components to help you get the best out of your infrastructure with a variety of different technical designs, ensuring you have all the tools to keep your site up and running, protected and operating to the best of its abilities.

• CDN - Managed By ANS & CloudFlare

• Security Boundary - Managed by ANS

• Your Application - Managed by you

• Your Data - Managed by you

• Backup & Recovery - Managed by ANS

• Infrastructure - Managed by ANS

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Provides a network based cache to speed up page load times from all over the world - giving you peace of mind that wherever your customers are, they’re getting the best possible experience for your online store.

Security Boundary

A network based firewall to ensure you stay one step ahead of intruders. We set it up for you with typical eCommerce requirements & give you access to our portal to make changes if you need to. We also provide an advanced security package for sites that need more protection, like those which process credit card information.

Application & Data Architectures

We provide three simple to use eCommerce architectures to choose from, allowing you to select an approach that suits your technical & budgetary needs.

Backup & Recovery

We’ll protect your data by default by supplying a backup & recovery service for your data with 28 days retention & the ability to use our self service portal to restore them.

Brands we support

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  • Trust Ford

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