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GoSimpleTax partners with ANS to unlock scalability for seasonal demand

eCloud VPC

GoSimpleTax partners with ANS to unlock scalability for seasonal demand

ANS helps GoSimpleTax meet seasonal spikes in demand with the scalable eCloud Virtual Private Cloud [VPC] solution.

GoSimpleTax, an SMB that supports customers in completing tax returns and accompanying documents, sees a spike in demand near the tax return filing deadline. As a result, it requires a flexible solution that allows their infrastructure to meet this demand, without compromising their operating capability.

The Challenge:

GoSimpleTax highlighted two key areas where improvements could be made: modernising its infrastructure and the ability to scale capacity quickly. Due to the company’s handling of sensitive details about individuals, there is an additional security challenge that must be addressed to protect the data of its customers.

Recognising that these improvements will increase its capacity and promote a better customer service experience, ANS helped GoSimpleTax move to eCloud VPC, a solution that’s scalable, simple, and secure.

The Solution:

ANS eCloud VPC is a cloud solution designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, based on high-performance enterprise grade technology (VMware). The VPC solution offers the best of public cloud in terms of performance and scalability but is streamlined and preconfigured to suit SMBs.

Hosted in ANS UK data centres, eCloud VPC is fully sovereign and has the best in class security and redundancy built in, with extremely simple control over capacity and price. This means that users can quickly change the resources being used and only pay for what they’re consuming. For those who need additional resource, ANS offers a co-managed service for eCloud VPC users. As a result, GoSimpleTax can access the expertise of ANS engineers and tech personnel to draw on a variety of skills as needed, with 24/7 UK-based support available.

The Outcomes:

As GoSimpleTax’s customer demand increases towards the end of each tax year, it can now instantly scale its server up or down as needed to meet this surge. The company can scale down during quiet months and ramp up close to the time of tax returns. This helps provide a cost-effective solution to GoSimpleTax’s aim of scalability, as it’ll only be paying for the resources as it uses them.

The simple management interface enables instant control of capacity and full transparency over expenditure, allowing for greater control and visibility over operational costs. As security is built-in by default, GoSimpleTax also benefits from the platform being fully up to date with the latest NG AV software, helping to protect its client’s sensitive data. As ANS are premier partners with several modern tech vendors, the platform is continually updated to the latest version.

Speaking on why the company chose to partner with ANS, Mike Parkes from GoSimpleTax cites ANS’ continuous level support as a significant factor. The 24/7/365 support and expert knowledge from ANS gave GoSimpleTax the confidence to progress its digital journey with ANS.

Joe Wolski, CRO at ANS, adds: “ANS is extremely happy to be working with GoSimpleTax to bring enterprise-grade technology to SMBs in an accessible way. With their value of customer service at the heart of the project, we’re looking forward to seeing how the scalability of eCloud VPC helps them meet and exceed customer expectations.”