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Future Fit Training adopts Dynamics 365 to empower staff and customers

Dynamics 365

ANS connects organisations with Dynamics 365 solutions that fulfil their digital ambitions and help to optimise internal operations. Dynamics 365 is a simple-to-use solution for enhancing every aspect of your organisation, from accelerating workflows to providing customers with a more interactive experience. 

In this customer story, learn how we helped Future Fit Training to modernise their internal infrastructure and make their processes scalable with Microsoft 365. 


Since 1993, Future Fit Training has been driving innovation and raising the bar for fitness professionals by providing quality training and learning platforms. Through its face-to-face workshops, e-Learning and online CPD training platform, Future Fit strives to make fitness entertaining, convenient, and memorable. 

We talked to Dave Hanley (Head of Commercial) about the transformation that Future Fit Training has made since it deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365. 


“Many of our internal infrastructure processes were rooted in the late 1990s/2000s and we had got to a point where they were proving too time intensive which could restrict our continued growth. We had a good quality of processes so far as outcomes, but the time and labour required meant this could not be scaled. Our team were using a combination of applications including Salesforce, Act! CRM and Mailchimp, as well as a series of spreadsheets. These weren’t connected and consequently it would take us several days to enrol a new student as information was shifted across the business by multiple people between these systems.  

We wanted to do things much quicker. This included speeding up our interaction at the point of sale which would allow us to scale by working with more students. We also wanted to make the enrolment process more interactive by giving students a better experience, with greater control to handle their bookings.” 


“Rather than attempting to develop a bespoke system from scratch, we decided to create a solution that would hang off an established application. Salesforce was already used by one part of the business, but based on our experiences, we didn’t believe their service levels would meet our expectations and we had concerns about its rising costs. We concluded that Microsoft has the strongest platform which is widely supported. In selecting Dynamics 365, we also saw the benefit in being able to connect our existing Microsoft applications including Teams.  

Overall, we felt more comfortable with Microsoft’s scalable platform design. In addition to Dynamics 365, we were attracted by Power BI so we bought into the infrastructure that would bring everything under one roof and allow us to connect more parts when needed.” 

Benefits :

“One example of the early benefits we’ve seen has been to make the availability on our upcoming courses more visible. This enables everyone to see a live report where they can quickly check for available spaces which is helping us increase our fill rates and avoid double-bookings. By avoiding the need to direct enquiries to our student support team, it’s another example of how Dynamics is helping us increase the speed of business. 

Additionally, one of our pain points was the time it took us to onboard a new student. After a student paid, they could encounter a delay of several days, or longer, before they could start all their learning. Now the enrolment process is managed through Dynamics 365, these sign-ups are completed in real time. This includes automated workflows to create records, email confirmations and provide login details for our e-Learning platform.  

It’s light years from where we were! Previously, when a student wanted to book a course, it would require a manual check for availability and their payment status. We’ve now connected these processes to our online portal, so as well as being easier to manage, we’re giving students greater control by allowing them to schedule dates in just a few minutes without needing to speak to us. 

This project involved a lot of change for us, but everyone got to grips with the system very quickly. Just a couple of months after moving from Salesforce to Dynamics 365, we had our best sales month! This reflects the incredible efforts of our team and the quality of the solution we’ve deployed.”