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Virtual Private Cloud.

ANS’s eCloud Virtual Private Cloud combines the benefits of the public cloud, such as flexibility, resilience, and scalability, with the security and simplicity of a private cloud.
Built on enterprise-grade technology from VMware, Cisco, and HPE, it is tailored to your needs, quick to deploy, and easy to manage. It is 100% UK-based and fully compliant with cybersecurity standards, including GDPR and Cyber Essentials Plus.

FAQs: eCloud VPC

What is eCloud VPC? 

ANS’ eCloud VPC (virtual private cloud) is our very own Public Cloud platform that offers you the scalability and flexibility of public cloud and the security and simplicity of private cloud. Your workloads will be hosted on dedicated, 100% UK-based servers built on the latest enterprise-grade technology from Cisco, HPE and VMware, providing the highest standards of performance, automation and networking. Built for SMBs, eCloud VPC is your fast, affordable and secure route to the cloud. 

How much does eCloud VPC cost?

While eCloud VPC pricing starts at a very competitive rate, it can vary depending on your business and specification needs. Contact us with your detailed requirements for a precise quote.  

Can e-commerce sites be hosted on eCloud VPC?

Our eCloud VPC is a highly scalable solution, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses of all sizes and high transaction-based platforms. You can scale as you grow or meet seasonal and fluctuating business demand. We’ve certified experts in-house on e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and WordPress, supporting some of the leading e-commerce businesses in the UK.   

What is the guaranteed uptime for eCloud VPC?  

We offer a hardware uptime guarantee of 99.5%. With N+1 or above redundancy across all equipment, redundant generators, diverse power feeds, and UPS battery backup, we ensure you stay online in the worst-case scenario.  

How is billing structured for VPC services? 

With eCloud VPC, you pay for what you use; this allows you to scale up or down depending on the resources you require. We can also help you to choose a spending plan which will allow you to get access to discounted rates because of longer-term commitments to the platform. With the ANS Portal, you can easily scale up or down at the click of a button and instantly view the corresponding variable costs. You are in complete control of your spending and will get a transparent view of your monthly invoice and payment history on the Portal. 

The ANS portal

With eCloud VPC you are in control

The ANS portal is your personal, interactive and easy to use portal. It puts you in charge of your solution and gives you complete control. You can monitor your usage, make changes and manage your account online 24/7/365, with dashboard access to a whole host of features.

With the ANS portal, we make complicated systems and operations simple, so you can enjoy all the benefits and functionalities of portals like Microsoft Azure & AWS and focus on your core business.

Expert support and advice are always available, of course,  but with the ANS portal you’re firmly in control.

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Switching to the public cloud would have required significant reengineering and higher costs. As a small company, we didn’t require a completely elastic environment, so eCloud VPC was perfect for our needs.

Alastair Gilchrist

Chief Technology Officer


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