Sustainability and our green commitment

As the first 100% carbon neutral hosting company in the UK, ANS is leading the way with sustainable solutions.

PAS2060 Carbon Neutral Standard

Recognising the need to minimise our environmental impact, we worked with one of the world leaders in carbon management to offset emissions, achieving PAS2060 way back in 2010.

Carbon Footprint Standard Logo

100% carbon neutral solutions

Our offices, data centres and hosting solutions are all 100% carbon neutral, so you can be confident you’re with a company that shares your ESG values and has the credentials to prove it. 

Sustainable and secure

We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by implementing controls at our data centres and recycling wherever possible, with no compromise to security levels – operating to ISO14001 standards. 

ISO 14001 logo

Reducing our energy output

We purchase green credits to fund projects that offset the energy we use, and we’re an Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme compliant organisation, committed to reducing our energy output.

Supporting renewable energy

We contribute to hydroelectric renewable energy schemes which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by displacing power from higher emission fossil fuels on the National Grid.

Cycling and recycling

We encourage personal choices like car sharing and cycling to work, and we’re inventive about recycling right across our campuswith cool tables made from empty cable reels, for instance! 

Climate friendly hosting

Now we’ve set an example of what climate-friendly hosting looks like, we aim to continue leading the industry by being sustainable and environmentally friendly in everything we do. It’s in our DNA.

Our data centres


Our data centres are not only carbon neutral, they’re energy-efficient too – achieving a PUE of <1.3 at full design load. For every 1.3MW of power input, 1MW is delivered to the IT equipment.  

Efficient technologies like virtual hardware use less power and reduce running costs too, with savings we pass on to you. Greener, and more economic. That’s our commitment to sustainability in action.  

“It is our responsibility to ensure that ANS and the wider hosting industry has the lowest possible impact on the environment. We are committed to reducing our emissions and buying all our energy from renewable sources and investing in new technologies and efficient systems across ANS. Delivering greater energy efficiency is a key part of our roadmap .” – Paul Shannon, ANS Group CEO