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eCloud helps train doctors and nurses to a leading standard.

Cloud technology

eCloud helps train doctors and nurses to a leading standard.


Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber (HEYH) needed a secure platform to host its eLearning content for over 80 NHS organisations across the north of England. It had previously struggled to find a provider that met its strict governance rules.


ANS provides HEYH with a platform that has all the necessary accreditations and governance standards to store its life-saving data on, and a long term partnership that provides the highest level of security.


ANS guarantees 100% uptime for the 250,000 NHS employees who rely on this learning environment.


Top security 

ANS offer the highest possible security credentials.

Great service 

ANS outstanding service is second to none.

100% uptime 

HEYH can rely on ANS’s 100% uptime guarantee.

Improving eLearning

Thousands of new doctors and nurses join hospital wards every year. With patients’ lives in their hands it is vital that they are given the right training.

The HEYH eLearning materials have been hosted by ANS since 2009, but eLearning was starting to gain prominence, becoming an essential training mechanism for NHS staff.

As it is essential for HEYH to maintain 100% uptime and have a secure environment for its data, it is vital for the organisation to have a provider that is ISO27001 accredited and also part of the G-Cloud framework; the government’s cloud procurement service.

When first coming to ANS, HEYH used a dedicated server solution, but has since moved to the multi- million pound, enterprise-level eCloud Hybrid.
HEYH says: “We moved to eCloud a year ago and we couldn’t be happier. It enables us to reduce any chance of downtime as the volume of traffic we receive has increased and provides flexibility as the platform has evolved.”

As education platforms like this have made the move from traditional static courses including small, low-capacity documents and PowerPoint slides to video intensive and media-rich ones, it is important they are hosted on a solution that can match the ever-growing capacity. eCloud has provided just this for HEYH.

“The solution has been great and the service outstanding. No other company we work with that provides this level of support.”