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Extending Microsoft 365 Copilot

  • Tuesday 9th July 2024
  • 12pm-1pm
  • Webinar

Extending Microsoft 365 Copilot

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Join us Extending Microsoft 365 Copilot for ANS’ webinar on Tuesday 9th July , from 12pm to 1pm for an informative session on extending Copilot’s capabilities.

Extending Microsoft 365 Copilot:

  • Discover how to go beyond the basics and unlock hidden potential.
  • Learn about advanced features, customisation options, and integrations.

Graph Connectors:

  • Dive into Graph connectors and their role in enhancing Copilot.
  • Index third-party data for seamless integration with Microsoft Search results.
  • Explore practical examples, such as issue tracking and product inventory.

Power Platform Tools:

  • Leverage Power Platform connectors to extend Copilot’s functionality.
  • Share plugins across your organisation or within Teams.
  • Use connectors to enrich data and enhance productivity.

Why Attend?

  • Gain practical insights from live demonstrations and real-time builds.
  • Understand the difference between M365 Copilot and Copilot Studio.
  • Explore use cases that align with your organisation’s unique needs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to amplify your Copilot experience.

Meet the speakers...

Chris Huntingford

Director of Innovation

Chris have an intense enthusiasm for technology. he is a terrific tinkerer, a passionate problem solver, and a magical maker. As long as he is creating something, he feels fulfilled. Technology provides him with his creative outlet, especially in a digital format. His core focus is on the Microsoft Power Platform, a perfect consolidation of digital technology creating a symphony between both right and left brain hemispheres. He loves to explore the enormous mountain of digital building bricks provided by Microsoft to create unique solutions and solve real problems. He loves to bring people together to talk about the fantastic things that can be created and can be used to change the way organisations work. He strives for digital inclusion within the community and organisations.

Martin Brierley

Data & AI Lead

Martin Brierley, ANS' Data & AI Practice Lead, is dedicated to demonstrating the practical advantages of digital transformation and enabling clients to utilise the full potential of their data. With over 17 years of industry experience, Martin assists organisations in adopting and updating data solutions. He formulates data strategies, creates technical designs, and ensures alignment with corporate goals, budgets, and current technological trends. Martin is enthusiastic about providing innovative solutions catering to clients’ needs and priorities.