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Azure Virtual Desktop.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) from ANS enables you to control your secure modern workplace simply and cost-effectively.
With our AVD Managed Service, you will leverage ANS's expertise to ensure your Azure Virtual Desktop infrastructure aligns with Microsoft best practices for performance, security, disaster recovery and much more.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is the next generation of Remote Desktop, hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform. This innovative cloud solution enables staff to securely access their company’s centralised data and applications using any device, while working from a location of their choice. You can deploy, manage and optimise cloud desktops that are scalable and flexible, safe in the knowledge that Microsoft’s enterprise grade infrastructure underpins the platform. Plus, it’s seamless integration with Microsoft 365 enhances end-user experience, making it a compelling choice.

Moving to a best in class, highly secure environment with a variable pricing model, delivered by one of Microsoft’s top 1% partners was a perfect solution.

Ben Brownson

Chief Operating Officer

Royce Peeling Green Accountants

Our partnerships.

As a fully accredited Azure partner, we give you access to the latest best practice, know-how and updates.

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Your free AVD Assessment

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, we can help you with planning the migration and justifying your cloud investment to your businesses leadership team.

Our experts evaluate your remote working strategy to help you reach your business outcomes. We’ll support this with a tangible business case to gain organisational buy-in for your cloud strategy. With the help of Microsoft funding, we can also migrate you to Azure affordably, at a fraction of the usual costs.

What will you gain from this assessment?

• Evaluation and recommendations on your current application landscape
• A detailed cloud migration plan 
• Identification of security vulnerabilities, as well as cost and performance optimisation opportunities
• Building target state architecture and operating model, aligning with Microsoft best practices
• Board-ready business case with TCO and ROI analyses to back your strategy
• Microsoft 365 optimisation for better virtual desktop integration

Transform your workplace with ANS Azure Virtual Desktop.

Empower your team with secure, reliable access to your company's applications and data from any device, anywhere. To learn more about how you can benefit from partnering with ANS for your Azure Virtual Desktop schedule a conversation with our AVD experts.