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Cloud Migration Services.

Our streamlined, pre-configured cloud platforms enable rapid, affordable, and minimally disruptive cloud migrations using industry best practices and advanced automation tools.

We cover Azure, AWS, and our own eCloud VPC, providing accessible, tailored solutions for your business needs.

Cloud migration challenges we can help you with:

It's impossible to determine in advance which problems exactly will befall your cloud migration project, but with a well-defined cloud migration strategy and ANS' expertise and support, you can navigate any challenges that arise with confidence.

We bring years of experience and a proven track record in helping organizations through successful cloud migration. With ANS by your side, you can rest assured that your cloud migration journey will be seamless.

Here are some common cloud migration challenges:

Cost Management

Initial cost estimates can often be inaccurate, leading to unexpected expenses.

Lack of Expertise

Lack of in-house cloud expertise can hinder the migration process.

Performance Issues

Managing latency issues that can arise from data transfer and processing in the cloud.

Security and Compliance:

Ensuring that data remains secure during and post-migration and adhering to industry-specific regulations and standards can be complex.
100zBy 2025, a 100 zettabytes will be in the cloud, 50% of the total global.
100zBy 2025, a 100 zettabytes will be in the cloud, 50% of the total global.
50%Of European businesses prioritise going cloud-first.
50%Of European businesses prioritise going cloud-first.
70%Azure is used by 70% of organisations globally for cloud services.
70%Azure is used by 70% of organisations globally for cloud services.
200+ Cloud services are available via Azure.
200+ Cloud services are available via Azure.

Why migrate to the cloud with ANS?

Migrating to the cloud is an important step towards meeting rising customer demand and driving growth. If your small to medium-sized business is expanding, ANS can help you make a secure migration to the cloud. 

Our certified cloud experts will devise bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs, leveraging their extensive experience and expertise.

Our cloud solutions include Azure and AWS public cloud, as well as our own eCloud VPC. We’ll find the best cloud solution for your business, figure out the best migration process, and work closely with your business as it develops, all to help you meet your business goals. 

Once your migration is complete, our managed cloud services allow you to access UK-based AWS and Azure certified engineers, 24/7 365-day. They can help optimise your cloud operations and ensure configuration to security & compliance best practice, so you can get on with running your business. 

Our goal is to be the biggest channel for education providers by 2024. With ANS, I know I have the technology to turn that ambition into a reality.

Stuart Heaton

Managing Director

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Our Cloud migration partners

Our cloud migration services are based on the highest level partnerships with the world’s best cloud technology providers. We are in the top 4% of Microsoft accredited partners in the world and fully accredited as an AWS cloud expert.

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Free Cloud Migration Guide

Download our guide to cloud migration.

In this 8 minute read, you will get key recommendations on:
• Planning your migration roadmap
• Getting the execution right
• Future-proofing your cloud

Also included is a Q&A with our cloud expert at ANS, Ant Holland, on the 5 common pitfalls for cloud migrations and how to avoid them.

FAQs: Cloud migration

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is a process that involves transferring data, applications, and IT resources from on-premises systems or other cloud environments to a new cloud infrastructure.

Why are you thinking of carrying out a cloud migration?

Common reasons to migrate to cloud include outgrowing your existing on-premises hardware, the need to consolidate a previously haphazard approach, being more cost-effective, being easier to scale and maintain, and offer greater flexibility.

What cloud migration approach is best suited for your business?

It’s important to decide whether you want to take a ‘Big Bang’ approach and migrate everything at once, or carry out a staged migration and, if so, over what timeframe. A lot of this will be governed by how much data there is to be migrated over to the cloud, what type of data it is, and whether or not it’s mission critical. Depending how much data there is to migrate and how comfortable your business is with the cloud already, this could be a very quick process or it could progress at a more steady pace. Once again, it’s important to speak with your migration specialist and whoever looks after your IT on a day-to-day basis to help establish the most sensible approach.

What potential pitfalls should businesses be aware of when doing a cloud migration?

There are five key potential problems businesses should be aware of are:

Failing to build a business case. It’s crucial to recognize that moving to the cloud involves strategic business decisions and organizational change. Making decisions solely based on technical aspects can lead to financial challenges and other issues.

Governance is key. Crucial for preventing cloud misuse and ensuring success from the outset.

Trying to do it all at once. If you expect to do it all at once using a copy and paste approach, it doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as one size fits all in cloud migration; not every application fits the cloud and it may need redeveloping to get to that point.

Keeping track of your budget and your performance. This is really, really important, because if you’ve got limitless technology that’s available to a developer, there’s a risk they will just go off and do their own thing. With that in mind, make sure you understand where the money’s being spent month by month – we at ANS use different technologies like monitoring tools like Cloud Health and LogicMonitor within our services to keep track of that.

People and the culture. Technical teams are often deeply invested in specific technologies, which can be a significant risk. It’s essential to ensure that your staff understands the migration process—before, during, and after—and why these changes are necessary. Engage your technical staff throughout the journey, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous learning. This approach not only eases the transition but also enhances their buy-in and support, ensuring a smoother and more successful migration.

How to futureproof the cloud?

Cloud migration isn’t a one-time task but an ongoing effort to maximise benefits. To future-proof cloud environments, ongoing maintenance and optimization are crucial. Regularly update infrastructure, adopt scalable architectures, prioritise security measures, and embrace emerging technologies. Continuous monitoring and adapting to evolving business needs ensure long-term benefits from cloud migration. Some organizations handle this internally, while others enlist experienced partners like ANS to lift this burden. Experienced specialist like ANS ensure seamless operations, from VM management and updates to troubleshooting and data management. They should also have the knowledge to be able to solve problems and fight fires when needed.

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