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Dynamics 365 Training and eLearning.

Whether you are new to Dynamics 365, an experienced user, or somewhere in between, we will help you unlock the capabilities of Dynamics and the Microsoft Cloud Platform.

Explore Our Dynamics 365 Training Courses.

Examples of our tutor-led Dynamics courses include.

Dynamics 365 Introduction.

Topics include:  

  • Navigating the user interface 
  • Working with Dynamics in Outlook 
  • Using the account, contact and lead records 
  • Creating and managing records 
  • Scheduling activities 
  • Searching for data 
  • Personalising views 
  • Working with dashboards

Dynamics Sales User Training.

Topics include: 

  • Dynamics record types used in sales management 
  • How to progress leads and opportunities using process flows 
  • Qualifying and disqualifying leads 
  • Personalising views 
  • Working with quote templates 
  • Creating sales dashboards.

Dynamics Marketing Training.

Topics include: 

  • Building segments 
  • Creating and customising email templates 
  • Marketing forms 
  • Creating marketing journeys 
  • Real-time marketing 
  • Marketing insights

Dynamics System Admin Training.

Bespoke training to increase administration proficiency for managing and maintaining a deployment of Dynamics 365 and supporting internal users. 

Customer Service User Training.

Topics can include:

  • Creating cases
  • Progressing cases using process flows
  • Case queues
  • Working with SLAs
  • Case escalation processes
  • Using integrated knowledge resources

Power BI Training.

Topics can include:  

  • Connecting Power BI to data sources 
  • Manipulating data 
  • Creating reports 
  • Customising dashboards  
  • Embedding Power BI in Dynamics 

Power Platform Training.

We can also tailor bespoke courses across other products in the Microsoft Platform. For example, this can include how to build and manage Power Automate flows and develop low-code apps.

Dynamics eLearning.

On-Demand Dynamics Training.

Use our eLearning platform to quickly onboard users and help everyone increase Dynamics knowledge. Receive access to our eLearning Academy as part of your managed service at no additional cost.

Efficient learning.

Guided simulations help users build confidence and practice in a safe environment. Most modules take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Increase knowledge.

Complete deep dive modules to broaden user skills and learn about new Dynamics features.

Reduce training costs.

Receive access to comprehensive online training modules presented by our Dynamics experts - available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore frequent questions about our Dynamics training courses and eLearning.

How can I book a tutor-led training course?

Our customers usually schedule training sessions through one of our Dynamics managed services using their accrued hours. Individual training days can also be booked separately as a one-off order. Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

How many of our team can access the eLearning platform?

All Dynamics Online users in your organisation can receive full access to the ANS eLearning Academy at no additional cost as part of our CRM managed services.

What Dynamics eLearning courses are available?

Over 30 training courses are available in our eLearning Academy. These include modules for new Dynamics 365 users which cover the product’s essential functionality. Role-based courses include training for sales, marketing and customer service users, and our library also includes dedicated systems administrator eLearning modules.

Can you provide bespoke training videos?

We are happy to produce personalised eLearning content using your Dynamics system to include your relevant processes and customisations. Contact us to receive a quotation.

Talk to a Dynamics 365 expert.

To discuss your Dynamics training needs, please get in touch today to speak to one of our experts.

Who we work with.

“Microsoft’s learning material can be hard to piece together, but from our training with Preact, we saw how the various parts connect and what can be achieved with Dynamics 365.”

Trevor Kerr

Head of Digital

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