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Day in the life of a Tech Apprentice

Day in the life of a Tech Apprentice

A day in the life of an apprentice at ANS is a wild ride that blends problem-solving, customer service, and a whole lot of technology. And let me tell you, no two days are ever the same!

The day starts off with a morning briefing, where I get updated on the latest and greatest from the world of ANS. From support requests to changes in processes, it’s like getting the intel from Q before a James Bond mission. As an apprentice, I get to take on tasks like handling customer enquiries, fixing technical issues, and providing remote support.

When the day really starts rolling, I become the first line of support for customers in need of technical assistance. From software to networking to any cloud-related issues, I’m ready for anything. When it comes to customer service you begin to learn how to become a pro at communicating technical information. Listening, empathising, and resolving issues allow us to push outside our comfort zones, enhancing both technical and soft skills.

But just because the day is filled with excitement, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some learning. As an apprentice, we have access to the industry GOATS (that’s ‘Greatest Of All Time’, if you didn’t know) to help us learn new content and skills that can be applied in our roles. For this reason, we attend training sessions where we are taught all the different content required for us to enhance our skills within the apprenticeship programme as well as content to help us get our certifications to help pave our career paths.

Within our roles, we also have access to different teams where I can pick the brains of experienced pros and other apprentices. I always come out with a head full of knowledge and a little more confidence in my problem-solving skills. One of the best things about working with experienced pros is that they are always eager to share their knowledge and skills. They have been through countless scenarios and have a wealth of experience to draw from. By talking to them, I can learn from their successes and mistakes and gain a deeper understanding of the industry. Additionally, working with other apprentices is a great way to build relationships and network within the company. We can work together on projects, share our experiences, and support each other as we grow in our careers.