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Today’s forecast – Cloudy with a chance of Colo

Today’s forecast – Cloudy with a chance of Colo

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital infrastructure, the cloud has become synonymous with modern computing, offering flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency. However, amidst this cloud-centric transformation, colocation — the practice of renting space for servers and other computing hardware at a third-party data centre — continues to play a pivotal role.

In this blog our Colocation specialist, Richard Godwin outlines why colocation still has a pivotal role to play in Digital Transformation.

Benefits of colocation for your business

Scalability and Control

Colocation provides businesses with the ability to scale their IT infrastructure up or down without the capital expenditures associated with building and maintaining their own data centres. It offers a degree of physical control over the infrastructure that cloud services can’t match, allowing for constant performance and high security. For particularly sensitive clients, it also offers the opportunity to physically see the hardware location and facilities.

Hybrid Solutions

The rise of hybrid cloud environments, which combine public cloud services with private data centres, highlights the continued importance of colocation. Colocation facilities can offer secure and private high-performance connectivity to public clouds, facilitating a seamless blend of cloud and on-premises resources. Just like with our cloud solutions, at ANS we value the importance of certification and accreditation, that’s why all our data centres are Tier III and 100% Carbon neutral certified.


For certain workloads, especially those requiring high computational power and low latency, colocation can provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to cloud solutions. This is particularly true for organisations that already own their hardware or require extensive customisation.

Networking and Connectivity

Colocation centres are often hubs of connectivity, providing access to a wide range of network providers and internet exchanges. This enables businesses to reduce networking costs and improve performance by choosing optimal routes for their data traffic. It’s our duty as a carrier-neutral data centre operator to provide you with a wide variety of connectivity and communications options, including IP Transit, point to point, Ethernet and diverse dark fibre and wavelength. You can connect to your preferred carrier as easily, robustly, and affordably as possible.

Security and Compliance

With colocation, companies benefit from the data centre’s robust security measures while retaining control over their own equipment. This dual advantage is crucial for organisations with stringent regulatory compliance requirements or sensitive data. At ANS, our data centres are manned 24x7x365 by ANS data centre engineers and SIA accredited security guards. Our data centres also have UK Government IL4 Capability.


The Future of colocation

As we look to the future, colocation is likely to evolve alongside cloud computing. The emergence of edge colocation, for instance, caters to the growing demand for low-latency applications and edge computing, indicating that colocation will continue to adapt to new technological trends.

In conclusion, while the cloud offers remarkable advantages, colocation remains an essential component of the IT ecosystem. Its ability to provide scalability, control, cost savings, and security ensures that colocation will retain its importance even as cloud technologies advance. For businesses navigating the complexities of digital infrastructure, understanding the strategic role of colocation is key to making informed decisions that align with their operational objectives and long-term vision and by partnering with ANS we are perfectly equipped to support in all aspects of your digital strategy, from colocation to the cloud.

At ANS, we’re committed to making sure you build the perfect proposition for your customers every time, supported by our knowledge and expertise, both in digital transformation and the channel. Our reseller offering covers the full ANS product stack across Cloud, Security & Digital. From our own eCloud and Security solutions to MSP opportunities with Dynamics 365, Azure & our 24x7x365 UK-based SOC.

For more information or to arrange a tour of one of our datacentres, please reach out to your ANS Partner Manager or to Richard Godwin, our Colocation Specialist, by emailing [email protected].