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Navigating PSTN switch-off and digital transformation

Navigating PSTN switch-off and digital transformation

Ryan Martin, Indirect Sales Manager at ANS, explains why the PSTN switch off is the perfect time to embark on your digital transformation journey – and there is massive opportunity to capitalise.


The days of PSTN and ISDN connections are numbered. These networks will soon be deactivated as part of Openreach’s 2025 Switch Off plans, transitioning the UK’s infrastructure to fibre.

As these networks come to the end of life, it’s important to note that these will need replacing for the majority of businesses with future-proof connectivity. With this change offering significant disruption for channel partners, it also represents an opportunity for exciting new technologies and real digital transformation for both partners and customers.


What is PSTN switch-off?

PSTN is the traditional infrastructure that has facilitated voice communication since the telephone was first introduced. However, with the network showing its age and the rapid advancement of digital technology, PSTN is no longer needed and as a result will phase out PSTN at the end of December 2025.

The PSTN switch-off represents a significant shift in the channel and telco landscape, requiring businesses to adapt their communication systems to the new digital era.

At ANS, we know our channel partners have significant expertise in helping customers solve the immediate connectivity challenge presented by the 2025 Stop-Sell, and we work closely alongside them to leverage our expertise in Cloud, Security and Digital in these conversations, opening the door to true digital transformation for their customers.


Taking advantage of digital transformation

With the switch-off around the corner and being the best time to offer more to customers with digital transformation, here are top tips on the best ways to transition to the new digital offering without widespread disruption:


  1. Begin your journey now

Assess your communication infrastructure and identify the potential impact of the PSTN switch-off on your company. Develop a roadmap for upgrading your systems and ensure timely implementation to avoid disruptions.


  1. Security is key

Transitioning into this new digital world, the customer will become increasingly aware of security as a key priority and will lean heavily on a trusted partner to advise and implement a security solution across their estate. As you embrace digital transformation, prioritise working with security experts to ensure you and your customers are always protected.


  1. Embrace cloud solutions

Explore cloud solutions which offer scalability, flexibility, and advanced features. Cloud solutions can streamline communication processes and support digital transformation initiatives.

Our channel offerings make reselling cloud, security, and digital services easy. With simple commercial models, flexibility, ownership, and control; ANS have solutions for all business needs, whether it’s a customer looking to start their cloud journey with our own ANS eCloud offering or a customer looking to transition into Azure/AWS or deploy Dynamics CRM.


Digital transformation is more than just better connectivity

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, organisations have no choice but to adapt and embrace modern technologies. Whilst a lot of the focus has been centered around transitioning customers’ broadband services to Full Fibre to support the new converged voice and data operating model, at ANS we believe that digital transformation is more than just better broadband. It’s what better connectivity enables that opens the door for real digital transformation.

Many within the channel are seeking to make the transition from fixed line connectivity and telephony to cloud-based services and are looking for a partner that can help them on that transition pathway. We’re building on 25 years’ experience of making cloud simple for our partners and their customers, and we’re committing to investing even further because this is an area where we can deliver significant value to our partners. We’re investing in our systems and capability because we know that it’s critical that it’s easy to do business with us.

The PSTN switch is happening whether we like it or not, so businesses in the channel need to be ready with the right technologies to thrive on this change.

The switch-off presents a critical juncture to embark on a transformative journey, reimagining the way you and your customers communicate and unlock the potential for improved experiences and enhanced collaboration.


At ANS, we are committed to delivering digital transformation to all and supercharging our channel partners to achieve this. Interested in reselling cloud to your customers? Get in touch with our friendly team today.