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How to fast-track your cloud migration project

How to fast-track your cloud migration project

The ANS Cloud Migration Navigator is a new complimentary service from ANS which builds upon the AWS Team’s engagement to provide additional insights, information and value to accelerate your cloud transformation project.

Before moving to cloud, you need to consider things like how much the migration will cost and the ongoing running costs of your applications in cloud. TSO-Logic and Cloud Chomp are fact-driven. These assessments will look at virtual machines, data and storage and map them to cloud and the metrics will give you some idea of what it might look like to migrate to cloud.

However, often this process doesn’t give enough detail to enable you to build the comprehensive business case required to secure budget sign off. At this point, AWS would encourage you to engage a cloud service provider to perform a chargeable assessment service to dig deeper and plan your migration. This may be suitable for organisations that are steadfast in migrating to cloud or are actually ready to migrate and are well into the project planning phase. But for many organisations, this means they are forced to pay for a piece of exploratory work they aren’t yet sure they want to go ahead with. But this is where the ANS Cloud Migration Navigator is different. This new service has been specifically designed to bridge this gap, enabling organisations to get all the information they need, free of charge before making a decision.

ANS’ complimentary Cloud Migration Navigator takes the information provided by TSO-Logic and Cloud Chomp to give you answers to the following questions:

  • Will my application run well in cloud, and if so, what is the benefit?
  • What are the complexities of moving it?
  • Are there any dependencies we need to think about?
  • How are we going to protect the data that that application has?
  • How are we going to ensure it is available?

The service effectively works by adding context to the metrics provided by AWS. As well as bridging the gap between the AWS assessment, and a chargeable assessment. The Navigator also provides the following benefits:

  1. Increased accuracy – predictions around what your costs or your migration timescales may look like are usually 70-80% accurate. With this Navigator we are able to delve deeper to give you around 95% accuracy on average.
  2. Helps you to understand the tangible benefits – as a result of this assessment, you’ll be able to understand how much you will save and what cost avoidances you’ll be able to make.
  3. Allows you to demonstrate best value to the board to get funds released for your migration project.

The other significant benefit is the ability to massively reduce the time it takes to go from assessment to kick starting your migration project. If we look at a traditional way of doing this type of project, you’d typically go through multiple procurements and engagements that can easily span a 6 month period. Thankfully, this long and arduous process can be significantly reduced when we overlay the AWS engagement with the Cloud Migration Navigator which is designed to take you to procurement and then straight into the migration itself, reducing that 6 month period, down to just a matter of weeks.

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