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Agency sees 100% uplift in website zero traffic and zero downtime after cloud migration

Cloud Technology

ANS supports anything in cloud move

Anything Agency is a creative digital agency that blends bold creative design with bespoke tech solutions. From their studio in Manchester, the team works with clients of all different sizes and sectors, including Quorn Foods and Netmums, building futureproof websites, helping their clients to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

When Anything Agency wanted to move a client to a cloud-based solution they soon realised that the cloud setup was more complex than they had imagined. The agency decided it didn’t want to be responsible for updating and maintaining servers in-house and instead agreed it would be more beneficial to opt for a fully-managed cloud solution.

“ANS brings a level of technical expertise to a project and, in doing so, our client got something far greater than we could have produced in-house or with a dedicated server.”

AWS under the bonnet:

The AWS deployment is orchestrated using CloudFormation (IaC) across 3 availability zones within a single region. We use multiple stateless EC2 autoscaling groups to meet traffic demand, where possible leveraging CloudFront for global static and dynamic content distribution.
In parallel we also leverage EKS to service stateless containerised workloads with ECR for storage and distribution for container images.
In line with the Well-Architected framework, application state is stored within multiple Arora clusters (PostgreSQL and MySQL compatible).

This was our first experience with ANS and AWS technology, but we are converts. We design large-scale futureproof sites that grow with the client. Every project we do from now on will be cloud-based and fully managed, which is where ANS comes in.

Jono Brain


Anything Agency

The Challenge

Anything Agency was working with a client that needed scalability to cope with spikes in traffic but also the ability to scale down and manage costs when traffic to the site reduced. Jono said: “The migration process was a really smooth and painless experience. ANS are like an extension of our own team and their engineers were able to seamlessly slot into our processes, we even use the same project management tools!

ANS was able to offer everything the agency needed and more. Anything Agency co-founder Jono Brain said: “The team at ANS came up with a technical plan for us which was really impressive. The solution that they suggested is really cutting edge. It feels like we were able to have the kind of setup that big companies are managing to utilise in the cloud, without investing heavily for it. They really took it to another level.”

The Solution

ANS offered Anything Agency all it needed and more, with fully managed support for Amazon Web Services (AWS). ANS built a highly available and secure hosting environment with support on hand 24/7/365, allowing Anything Agency to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure. After migrating one of it’s clients to the cloud, Anything Agency saw a 100% uplift in traffic to the website with zero downtime.

The support we receive from the engineers at ANS is second to none. We have a dedicated team who really understand our business and the needs of our clients. This allows them to design and build the right environment but they never rest on their laurels, they are always looking to improve and innovate and take it to the next level. That level of service allows our clients to take their businesses to the next level.

Jono Brain


Anything Agency