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Cloud 6 min read

The benefits of moving to eCloud VPC

While every platform has its own distinct advantages that suit different organisation needs, switching over to eCloud VPC offers some fantastic benefits that growing and medium-sized businesses can enjoy almost instantly. The eCloud VPC platform, with its simplified tools, brings enterprise-level technology to smaller businesses for a more cost-effective digital solution. 

Whether you want to increase server availability or become a more sustainable business, eCloud VPC can help your company achieve its objectives. In this blog, we will explore the main advantages that SMBs can reap by moving to eCloud VPC and explain how these benefits differ from using a more traditional dedicated server. 

High Availability   

The main distinction between dedicated servers and eCloud VPC is resilience. Minimising downtime is critical for SMBs in order to protect their brand’s reputation, provide an excellent customer service experience, and avoid missing out on revenue opportunities. Traditional Highly Available servers can be expensive, but with eCloud VPC, SMBs can rest assured that potential downtime is kept to a minimum. 

This assurance stems from the fact that eCloud VPC eliminates any single points of failure by including hardware redundancy as a standard feature, making sure that SMBs can remain online without incurring additional costs. ANS manages this constantly, ensuring that potential redundancy issues are identified and resolved quickly, helping to avoid any unnecessary downtime. 


We know how demand can fluctuate, so having a scalable server is especially important for SMBs who are looking to optimise server performance. This level of scalability means that if demand increases significantly, users can easily scale the eCloud VPC to perform at a higher level, ensuring that they’re able to provide a great customer experience without compromising on revenue. On the other hand, if you’re experiencing low customer demand, users can easily scale the platform down to save money and reflect an accurate performance need.   

With eCloud VPC, these changes can be made at any time and from any location through a simple portal. Unlike dedicated servers, your platform can now be scaled within seconds and changes can be made instantly. This can help users to feel more in control over their server costs, while also giving peace of mind that they can always satisfy customer demand.  

Cost Effectiveness  

Given its adaptability, the eCloud VPC naturally becomes an extremely cost-effective option for SMBs because users only pay for what they actually use. However, there are other cost advantages to using eCloud VPC that SMBs may not have thought about. 

As VPC is a cloud platform, users can benefit from economies of scale, which helps to keep power costs stable despite recent increases. This also means that users can access the most recent cloud technologies for server performance, backups, monitoring, scalability, and more, at a fraction of what it would cost on a dedicated platform. 


When new server components are introduced, migrations are typically required on traditional servers for SMBs to use the new technology and reap the benefits. For some companies, this can be an inconvenient or tedious process, especially if they are experiencing high demand and simply want to focus on their business. However, eCloud VPC eliminates this process.   

At ANS, we’ve ensured that the VPC infrastructure facilities cutting-edge technologies without requiring any relocation or migration to benefit from them. Moving to eCloud VPC with enterprise-level partners, including VMware and HPE, enables improved platform stability, reduced downtime for migrations, and no future migration costs. 


Customers nowadays are passionate about supporting businesses that adhere to their own ethos and moral stance, and many business owners enjoy promoting what their company is doing to contribute to eco-friendly practices, give back to communities, and conform to sustainability compliances. 

By switching from a traditional dedicated server to eCloud VPC, SMBs can reduce their carbon footprint using more efficient cloud technologies. This results in significantly less power being used, allowing SMBs to gain the benefits of the cloud while lowering their carbon footprint and helping the environment.  

At ANS, we can help you meet your sustainability goals, as our climate-friendly hosting environments have achieved PAS2060 with our 100% carbon-neutral offices and data centres. 


Overall, eCloud VPC makes enterprise-level server tools available to SMBs in a simplified, user-friendly manner. With its low cost, the platform is ideal for assisting SMBs in getting the most out of their servers while remaining a sustainable, highly available, and streamlined server option. 

Find out more about eCloud VPC and if it’s the right solution for you, or get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.