It's a rewards thing

Continual self-improvement, great people and you being you.

It's all about you

At ANS we’re big believers in rewarding commitment and creating a great working environment for our team.

From free fruit, referral schemes, an electric car scheme and service bonuses to private healthcare, working at ANS comes with a range of benefits to support you and your career with us.

Your potential, our rewards

Our package includes benefits in areas of physical and mental health, family, personal finance, career development and community impact. It’s been designed with the aim of making you feel as comfortable, as happy and as fulfilled as possible.

True work-life balance

We are big believers in a true work-life balance. And that means focusing on the bigger picture: your family, your finances, your health & wellbeing, and your impact on your community and our planet. It’s about ALL OF YOU!

Remote working and an unexpected day off

Remote working

We’re a tech business, we can work from anywhere! We’re not about presenteeism, but we are about extraordinary contribution — to our teammates, to our customers and to our business. Most roles will require some time spent on site (this will vary from team to team and role to role) and we trust and respect our teams to manage that amongst themselves.

Work from your happy place

The world really is your oyster! Our Work from Anywhere scheme allows for international remote working (outside of the UK) for up to 30 days per year!

*Subject to IT security location and line manager approval!


As standard: 25 days’ holiday for everyone.

Happy Birthday: Have an extra day’s holiday on us to celebrate your birthday.

Buy more: You can buy up to 5 additional days’ holiday per year.

Tying the knot? We give you 5 days’ additional holiday in the year you get married.

Got kids? Get the first day of school off to help your little ones adjust.

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave

We appreciate how big a responsibility a new little life is — the joy and the challenges it brings.

Our maternity, paternity, and adoption packages give you the support you need in those all-important first few weeks and months.

Get the best home tech, perks and discounts

No interest fees, yours to keep

Buy the latest tech products from brands like Apple, HP and Samsung and spread the cost with payments from your salary. No interest fees or credit checks, the cost is spread over 12 payments throughout the year and you make a National Insurance saving of up to 12% too. You own the products right from the off and there’s no end of hire fee.

Discounts and perks

Flexible perks, discounts and benefits that suit your lifestyle.

It gives you a monthly allowance of flexi points to spend on a massive range of treats and lifestyle perks, from craft beers to discounted local gym memberships, all at zero cost to you.

Private healthcare

In sickness and health we've got you covered

It’s the ‘perk’ we hope we’ll never need but there’s real comfort in knowing it’s there.

Whether it’s overnight care, outpatient treatment, diagnostic tests, scans or aftercare, our health insurance package pays your private healthcare costs so you get the specialist private treatment you need, in comfortable surroundings, when you need it.

Our package also allows you to add family members to your scheme at a significantly reduced rate so you’re safe in the knowledge everyone is covered.


There are so many ways we can look after our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Our wellbeing package is focused on saving you time, keeping the stress levels down and making it easy for you to take care of yourself.

Personal trainers, hairdressers, yoga instructors and many more specialists will visit Archway and offer the ANS and ANS team a discounted rate for their services.

Healthy perks

The GYM at Archway is free to use with unlimited access 24/7.

Daily free fruit deliveries.

Netball and 5-a-side football teams — match fees and subs paid.

Your planet

Electric car scheme

A brand new electric car of your choice based on your needs and lifestyle.

  • Income tax and National insurance contributions savings
  • Fitted home charger and use of office chargers
  • Substantially lower cost of car ownership
  • Savings on fuel costs
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Ease and convenience of setting up the scheme with the help of the company
  • No initial upfront costs or credit checks
  • Getting ready ahead of 2030 diesel and petrol ban
  • Maintenance, breakdown assistance, tyre repairs and road tax included!
  • Lower BIK rates
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with up to 3 additional drivers

Ride to work scheme

Our ride to work scheme gives you access to top-quality bikes, clothing and accessories from big-name retailers with massive savings (of nearly 50%).

Volunteer days

It’s important to do our bit for the communities that need our support.

With ANS we give you the opportunity to volunteer for up to 5 days per year so you can give the most precious gift of time to the charity organisations who need it most.

Your development

12 days of personal growth

A need to flex our creativity muscles is a common trait at ANS and ANS.

We foster that with regular and dedicated time to focus on self-development or innovation. Spend time improving your skills, working on a pet project or developing an idea.

Our own training centre

Our very own Uni, kinda.

Our award-winning on-site training centre gives our team the space to get away from the distractions of the main office space and commit to learning and development in a purpose-built space.

We say thank you

The value of the contribution and experience from our long-serving teammates is impossible to quantify. But we know it’s high!

That’s why we award a tax-free bonus of:

£1,000 after 5 years’ service

£10,000 after 10 years’ service

All this and more...

Together, we are building something really special here, a place where everyone feels safe, happy, inspired and rewarded.