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Cloud Professional Services 4 min read

Garden4Less partner with ANS to meet fluctuating business demand.

Garden4Less teams up with ANS to meet seasonal business demand by migrating to eCloud VPC, harnessing resources efficiently for an on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud solution.  



As a garden-oriented wholesaler provider, Garden4Less finds their demand is typically seasonal with high demand in the spring months and little over the winter period. An existing ANS partner, Garden4less were using dedicated server, utilising the powerful service during their peaks, but still having to pay for these resources when they weren’t using them during winter. As such, the cloud solution wasn’t fully optimised to their fluctuating business needs. 



Garden4Less required a solution that could be instantly scaled for flexibility and had the resilience to handle unexpected spikes in consumer activity. As a result, Garden4less migrated to eCloud VPC, a solution designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses that provides greater resource flexibility on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

ANS and Garden4less were able to set up the cloud server and move legacy applications over quickly and easily. Choosing to continue their digital transformation journey with ANS proved a natural progression, with Glen Marks (head of IT) stating ANS’ “brilliant customer service and technical support” gave them the confidence they needed to continue: “ANS were helpful and resolved issues very quickly, ticking all the boxes with dedicated service, so we felt very confident with migrating to cloud with ANS.” 



The key benefit that Garden4less experiences with eCloud VPC is instant scalability, which will solve their issue of unused resources during periods of slower demand. This provides a more cost-effective solution, as Garden4less will only be paying for the resources they’re using. Furthermore, automated alerts reduce the need for a resource manager, cutting out a middleman while keeping Garden4less fully informed with real-time updates. 

ECloud VPC also adds platform resilience, with little downtime and high availability, by eliminating any single points of failure through the standard inclusion of hardware redundancy. This ensures that Garden4Less can continue to operate without incurring additional expenses.  

They also now have access to enterprise-grade technology in an easy-to-use format, with built-in security for added peace of mind. Glen Marks describes that the solution’s benefits so far offer “massive flexibility on resources, with great versatility and cost effectiveness.” 

At ANS, we’re excited to see the ongoing, long-term benefits that eCloud VPC will have for Garden4less. Joe Wolski, CTO at ANS, says: “With our goal of helping SMBs access enterprise-grade technology in a simplified way, it’s brilliant to hear the benefits that Garden4less are already achieving, with eCloud VPC giving them the flexibility to scale up and down to meet fluctuating demand really easily.”